Does Walgreens Have a Notary?

Transactions of an individual or a business are as important as getting such transactions notarized and while the importance of a notary cannot be exhausted, there are three major reasons why a document is notarized.

Walgreens is a major pharmaceutical store that gives prescriptions online, orders items, and even takes photos and prints. There is also the stationery section with a lot of discounts on all their services.

Does Walgreens Have a Notary?

Walgreens stores have notary service in many of their locations in the US and its neighboring states. They notarize legal documents, wills, power of attorney, medical documents, mortgages, deeds, affidavits, contracts, and vehicle titles in some states.

The price of a notary varies as it is dependent on the type of document, amount of signatories and the state where it is being notarized as some states have fixed maximum amount for notary services.

To get a document notarized at Walgreens is simple and easy and all that is needed are the complete document to be notarized and a valid means of identification.

Which Walgreens Location Have a Notary?

Ranked as the second biggest pharmacy in the US, it is no surprise that every Walgreens store has a notary official on standby, including the smallest ones.

The bigger it is though, the higher chance more documents can be notarized there, however, not all Walgreens stores notarizes all documents.

The biggest Walgreens store which is in Chicago has more notary staff and notarizes every document, including vehicle titles, whereas “small-format” stores like the one in Lexington Park, Maryland whose focus is personalized care would not be able to notarize every form of documents.

If your local Walgreens store does not have a notary service, other stores can be checked out.

What Types of Documents Can I Get Notarized At Walgreens?

Walgreens offers notarization of documents for legal documents, wills, power of attorney papers, medical documents, mortgages, deeds, various affidavits, contracts and vehicle titles.

These signatures need to be notarized to accept and prove the signatures:

Medical documents that can be notarized include surgical permission acknowledgments, authorization of minors, medical power of attorney.

Among others as medical documents need notarizing because the clients are usually vulnerable and these documents transfer their rights to another person who will be signing every document on their behalf.

Birth and death certificates cannot be notarized as they do not require notarization and instead, a certified true copy can be issued by relevant agencies.

How Much Does Walgreens Notary Cost?

Walgreens notary service fee is based on the state of the store location. The price ranges from $0.50 to $15 per signature with Vermont having the lowest limit of $0.50 and California having the highest rate of $15.

Florida, having the highest Walgreens store in the country summing up to 9% of the total Walgreens percentage and with over 800 branches, has a $10 fee to be paid for notary services.

Other locations give a cost based on the standard price set by the state and in locations like New Mexico and Alaska; the price also falls in the category of $0.50 to $0.15.

Do I Need An Appointment for Walgreens Notary?

Walgreens require appointments for every service being rendered including vaccinations and pharmacy appointments; however, it is not adequately stated if appointments are needed to notarize documents.

Generally, appointments are usually not needed for the notarization of documents. If you want to make an appointment for Walgreens notary, click here.

What Do I Need To Get Notarized At Walgreens?

These are the requirements needed to get a document notarized and these requirements are similar across every store or agency that offers a notary service or has a notary official on standby. These requirements are;

  • Preparing the documents to be notarized and making sure that they are complete. Every aspect of the document must be filled with exceptions to the signatures as this is done in the presence of the notary official.
  • Every form of identification must also be presented and it must be a valid means of identification for every signatory. The means of identification must match the document to be notarized in every necessary aspect.
  • Every person that is supposed to sign must be present for every signature.
  • Payments to be made for the notary service must be ready and at hand.

How Do I Get Notarized At Walgreens?

Getting notarized at Walgreens involves the identification of the type of notary. There are 3 types of notarization; acknowledgments, jurats and copy certification, which can be explained by the notary.

Make sure the document and form of identification are complete with the identification matching the document.

All the signatories must be present at Walgreens, be aware and be willing to sign. Payments must also be made readily available.

Can You Get Notarized At Walgreens?

You can get notarized at Walgreens with or without an appointment. Most locations of Walgreens has a notary official to notarize documents, but not every document can be notarized at every store.

Walgreen notary will ensure your signatures can be verified elsewhere, ensure that the signatories are properly identified, and makes sure the document is signed out of free will.