Does Walgreens Do Passport Photos?

Many people go to retail stores to get their passport photos taken. This is because they are more accessible and cheaper.

Walgreens is a drugstore that is known throughout the US. They have many services, which is you may be wondering about their passport photos policy. If so, here is a complete guide to help you.

Does Walgreens Do Passport Photos?

Walgreens is offering in-store passport photo services throughout the US for kids and adults. You can go to the store and get your pictures done within the same day. The retail chain follows all the government guidelines when taking photos.

The famous drugstore offers passport photos all seven days of the week. Typically, you should go to your nearest location during the store’s business hours.

A key thing to note is that no appointment is necessary for getting passport photos at Walgreens. If you are wondering whether they offer the service at all locations, continue reading.

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Which Walgreens Locations Offer Passport Photos?

Walgreens has more than 8,000 locations, all of which offer passport photos. You can use the store locator to find a store nearby and visit it for the pictures.

However, you should note that some rural locations of the store may not offer passport photos. If you live in such an area, it is advised to call the branch before visiting it.

Once you reach the Walgreens store, you have to go to the photo counter. There, an employee will help you and take your picture for passport photos.

The cost of passport photos varies from one retail store to another. Below is everything you need to know about the prices of Walgreens.

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How Much Is A Passport Photo At Walgreens?

You can get two passport photos of 2 x 2 sizes from Walgreens for $14.99. The store offers the same price in the US and other additional countries.

If you are wondering about the prices of other retail stores to make a fair comparison, worry no more. Here is a table that will help you:


Besides that, the store also offers printing services for passport photos. You can take a picture yourself and get it printed at a Walgreens location.

Typically, printing passport photos at this retail chain cost $0.35. Thus, you can save a significant amount of money.

Are you wondering if you need particular things to get your passport photo taken at Walgreens? If so, you should read the following section carefully.

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What Do I Need To Get Passport Photo Taken At Walgreens?

You do not need to take anything except yourself to get a passport photo taken at Walgreens. The store does not require you to submit documents for the process.

Besides that, you do not have to show your ID to get a passport photo from Walgreens. However, you do have to follow some guidelines to ensure no hindrances.

Typically, you should not wear accessories that obstruct the camera. For instance, you have to remove eyeglasses for the photo. You also cannot wear head coverings.

The time for passport photos varies depending on the retail store. Here is what you need to know about waiting time at Walgreens.

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How Long Does It Take To Get Passport Photo At Walgreens?

It takes about one hour for you to get passport photos at Walgreens. This is the typical time this store gives. However, sometimes you can get the pictures in a few minutes too.

The time for passport photos at Walgreens depends on the number of orders. If there is no pending order in the queue, you can get the pictures promptly.

Walgreens has an online store which is why you may be thinking about its availability of passport photos. Below is the information you need.

How To Order Passport Photos Online From Walgreens?

You cannot order passport photos online from this store’s website. This is because they don’t have the suitable software for that.

You will have to go to a Walgreens store whenever you need a passport photo. They will use the biometric system to take your picture and offer you the prints.

A key thing to remember is that you have to follow the store and government guidelines for the picture. Once you do that, you can get a set of compliant passport photos.