Does Walgreens Cash Checks? (Answered)

In recent times the government has been issuing a number of checks for people to help them through rough times. However, if you don’t have a convenient way to deposit checks into a bank account, then you will need to find a way to cash it.

Many grocery stores offer this service for a fee in the hopes that you will spend your money in their store. For example, Walmart and Krogers offer cash checking services to their customers.

Does Walgreens Cash Checks?

Walgreens does not offer check cashing as a service to its customers, neither do any stores associated with it, including Duane Reade. However, you can pay with your personal checks if you have a government-issued ID. Otherwise, you will need to find a different payment method.

Walgreens does accept all traditional payment methods. They also offer prepaid credit cards that you can reload with cash in-store. However, these cards now require an address and social security information.

Customers with government-issued checks may be frustrated with this and want to confirm if any types of checks can be used.

What Types of Checks Does Walgreens Not Cash?

Walgreens does not offer any type of check cashing at any of its stores. Therefore, you will not be able to pay for groceries at Walgreens if your only option requires you to cash a check first. This policy applies to all personal, government, and payroll checks.

Customers that have no alternative methods to pay will need to find other stores or ways to cash their check so they can buy groceries.

Where Can You Get Checks Cashed?

Offering to cash checks at grocery stores is slowly falling out of favor with the stores. However, there are still stores that will provide this service. Review the options below to see if any are available to you.

  • Your bank will deposit a check free of charge.
  • The checks issuing bank will do it if you have a valid government ID.
  • Some grocery stores still help, such as Walmart and Krogers.
  • Payday loan stores will help but have relatively high fees.

Consumers with no access to banks or grocery stores that do cash checks may be frustrated with this lack of support from Walgreens in cashing government-issued checks.

Why Doesn’t Walgreens Cash Checks?

Walgreens has no official comment on why they don’t cash checks. However, check cashing services are often a high-risk service that provides less benefit than historically to the store. With fewer people needing the service and the same level of fraud, it just doesn’t make sense anymore.

With grocery stores previously cashing checks without issue, you’ve potentially used this service at Walgreens before. It can be highly frustrating if this is a policy change that they haven’t found a solution for. There is even a PrePaid credit card saying you can deposit your check onto it at Walgreens.

Did Walgreens Cash Checks Before?

Walgreens previously offered check cashing services via their Balance Prepaid Mastercard. However, any checks that you cashed would be applied to your PrePaid credit card to be used. So you never actually received physical money.

Walgreens no longer offers this credit card, which was the only option they provided for check cashing. In addition, the newer credit cards they provide do not have this as a feature.

With Walgreens previously providing this service, you may have hope that it will return so you can continue shopping at Walgreens.

Will Walgreens Cash Checks in the Future?

Walgreens is unlikely to offer check cashing in the future. The previous method they provided via a PrePaid credit card has been removed since around 2015, and no further mention of the service coming back has been made.

Checks are becoming a thing of the past, and once removed from a store’s services, it would be doubtful for it to return unless there was a considerable backlash from the store’s customer base. Unfortunately, with check cashing gone for 5-6 years, the demand isn’t high enough for Walgreens to bring it back anymore.

Can I Cash a Check at Walgreens?

Walgreens offers several in-store financial services, including western union, prepaid credit cards, cash back, and all traditional payment methods. However, there is absolutely no way for you to cash a check at Walgreens.

You must find alternative options or pay for your groceries with another method.

With fewer and fewer stores offering check cashing, any consumers that rely on this service should start finding ways to open bank accounts or use services like PayPal if access to smartphones is an option.