Does Walgreens Accept PayPal?

Whether you’re paying for goods with your phone, shopping online, or using a debit or credit card, thanks to various apps and payment merchants such as: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, Cash App, Stripe, Payoneer, Sage Pay, and of course, PayPal.

PayPal is arguably the most popular payment merchant in existence and it’s safe to say that it has revolutionized e-commerce and shopping in general.

If you’re due to head to Walgreens to pick up some essentials, but only wish to pay via PayPal, you may be wondering does Walgreens accept PayPal? Well, wonder no more because that’s what we’re going to be looking at today.

Does Walgreens Accept PayPal?

Walgreens accepts PayPal payments for online orders only, so if you are planning on visiting your local Walgreens to pick up your prescription in person, make sure you take cash with you or other payment methods because Walgreens only accepts PayPal for online purchases.

Can you use PayPal for all orders with Walgreens?

Another common question that people ask regarding Walgreens and PayPal payment is whether Walgreens will accept PayPal for all orders with the chain. Well, unfortunately the answer is no so there are some exceptions.

PayPal is only accepted for product and for W Photo orders. If you do use PayPal to pay for W photos, you can only use it for orders which you have had mailed to you. You can NOT use PayPal for photo orders that you have scheduled for in-store pickups.

Do you have to create a new PayPal account to use it at Walgreens?

One of the most common concerns that people have when using PayPal to purchase goods and services is whether they have to create a new account or register an existing one again. The good news when shopping at Walgreens is that you don’t.

When shopping online at Walgreens, purchase your items, head to the checkout, and select ‘pay with PayPal account on the payment page. Here, you’ll be taken to a PayPal login page where you can log in as normal.

After logging in, you will then be taken back to where you can complete your transaction.

Again, please remember that you can only use PayPal with online photo orders with the mail delivery option. You can select the shipping option rather than in-store pickup, click on the pay via PayPal button and get your photos mailed straight to your door. Simple, right?

Can you get a refund instore when paying for items online via PayPal?

Another common question that people ask regarding Walgreens and PayPal is whether or not you can get an instore refund at their local Walgreens if they purchased something online via PayPal. Well, it depends.

In answer to this question, it isn’t quite that black and white as it depends. If you have placed an online store order, you could be refunded on the credit or debit card which is linked to your PayPal account, you could receive a cash refund, or you may even be refunded via a Walgreens Gift Card.

In the event of you misplacing your receipt, your refund will be applied to a WCard. As for online photo refunds, Walgreens requests that you contact customer support directly by phone, which is toll-free and available around the clock 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Can you use PayPal Credit on all Walgreens orders?

PayPal Credit, formerly known as Bill Me Later, is a line of credit which PayPal offers. You can NOT use PayPal credit on all orders at Walgreens. You can only use this line of credit on product and contact lens orders. You cannot combine contact lens purchases with any other items, so contact lens purchases must be a separate order.

Can PayPal credit be used in your local store?

Unfortunately not. Like PayPal, PayPal credit can only be used for online purchases at Walgreens, so you cannot use PayPal credit when visiting your local bricks and mortar store.

Can PayPal Credit purchases be returned at your local store?

As long as you have your receipt, you can return your purchase at any Walgreens store and receive a cash refund. In the event of your receipt not being present, you will receive an in-store credit onto your Walgreens Gift Card.

Who are Walgreens?

Walgreens currently operates as the second-largest pharmaceutical chain in all of the USA, second only to CVS Health.

Placing an emphasis on health and wellbeing, Walgreens fills prescriptions, provides health and dietary supplements, provides general health and wellness info, and it even provides photo services as well.

Founded way back in 1901 in Chicago, initially the store operated as a grocery store and offered food and drink, including milkshakes. In fact, Walgreens has taken credit for the popularization of the malted milkshake, which was invented in 1922 by Ivar ‘Pop’ Coulson.

As the decades ticked by, Walgreens gradually expanded and began placing much more of an emphasis on pharmaceuticals. As of late 2019, Walgreens had 9,277 stores in operation, with that number expanding every single year.

Is PayPal accepted at Walgreens?

Unfortunately, PayPal is not accepted at Walgreen stores. PayPal credit is also not accepted at Walgreens. The only way to use PayPal to shop at Walgreens is on their website