Does Vons Cash Checks?

Converting a check into cash is an easy procedure, where you go to the bank and get it converted. But for those who are unbanked, it is challenging. 

To solve this, grocery and retailer stores came up with the idea of cashing the check without a bank account.

Vons, a supermarket chain is one of the stores that provide cash checks benefit to customers.

Do Vons Cash Checks in 2024?

Vons does offer check cashing benefits to its customers as of 2024. Printed payrolls and government checks are accepted with a minimal fee of $2.25 for every $100 to be cashed. The maximum limit of a check is up to $1000.

Although check cashing policy may vary by store, every Vons store locations allow check cashing with some restrictions and limitations. Vons does not allow checks to be cashed that are valued above $1000.  

What Types Of Checks Does Vons Cash?

Vons accepts only two types of payments.

  • Printed Payrolls
  • Government Checks

What Kind of Checks Does Vons Not Cash?

There are limitations for the check cashing at Vons. They do not accept the following types of checks.

  • Handwritten Checks
  • Personal Checks
  • Third-party Checks. 

How Do You Cash a Check at Vons?

To convert the check into cash you must find a Vons store location near you using a Vons store locator.

To receive the check cashing benefit, you need to provide a state-issued ID or driver’s license for verification. 

Once your ID is verified, you need to give the endorsed check, and a transaction fee of $2.25 should be paid to receive the cash.

When Can You Cash a Check at Vons?

You can visit Vons anytime between 6 am to 11 pm for a check cashing service as far as the store has enough funds on-hand for the customers. 

But it is recommended that if you need to cash a large amount it is better to visit Vons at noon because the funds can be refilled by that time.

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How Much is the Fee to Cash a Check at Vons?

When you go to stores for check cashing, you will have to pay a certain amount as a transaction fee which varies by store. 

Vons charges $2.25 as a transaction fee for every $100 to be cashed. 

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What is Vons’ Check Cashing Limit? 

There are limits to the amount of a check that Vons can cash. The maximum check cashing limit is up to $1000. While some stores like Walmart offer higher check cashing limit, Vons stick to a strict rule of a maximum limit of $1000. If you need to cash more than $1000 you need to find another store for the check cashing service.

Here is a quick comparison table of the fee and limits against other stores:

StoresFeeCheck Cashing Limit

Can I Cash a Check at Vons? 

A per Vons store location, anyone can get check cashing benefits from the store as long as there are enough funds available. The procedure is quite simple and all you need to provide is your ID and check. The cash is given instantly after a small amount fee is paid.

Vons is a customer-friendly, trustworthy business chain that provides money services to unbanked customers. 

It functions as a bank alternative for check cashing businesses where customers can get easier access to cash instantly.