Does UPS Have Notary Service?

Notary service is essential when you want documents legally recognized. From wills to contracts, affidavits, and more, the services offered by a notary public are invaluable for legal documents.

This is why finding a notary public is so important when you have documents that need to be verified by their services.

UPS is one of the largest delivery companies in the world. Offering package delivery with their recognizable large brown trucks, UPS has earned a strong reputation for on-time delivery of packages both large and small. But do they have notary service?

Does UPS Have Notary Service in 2024?

UPS does have notary service at most of their locations. The average cost to get notarized in UPS is $15, and you will need a government-issued photo ID such as a driver’s license.

Not all UPS locations have a notary public available. There are various reasons as to why, but for the most part, a UPS location that is small or only designed to drop off packages probably will not have a notary public available.

At virtually all larger locations, such as major shipping centers operated by UPS, they will have a notary public.

It does pay to check first to verify that the UPS location you want to visit. That way, you will not be wasting time going to a UPS location that does not have notary services.

What Types of Documents Can I Get Notarized at UPS?

There are several types of documents that UPS will notarize as part of their services. This means that for the most part you can have the following documents notarized.

  • Affidavits
  • Contracts
  • Deeds
  • Trusts
  • Wills

It should be noted that wills may be an exception with certain UPS locations. This means that some do and some do not for a variety of reasons. You should call ahead and check before going to the UPS store to have a will notarized.

In addition, UPS will generally not notarize an I-9 Employee Eligibility Verification form. However, there may be some UPS locations that have a notary public who will perform that task.

This may also be true of other documents that have not been listed. When you verify that a notary public is available at your local UPS store, call ahead to see if they will notarize the documents you have.

How Much Does UPS Notary Cost?

The cost will vary depending on the location of the UPS store which offers a notary service. The cost is generally $15 to $25 again depending on the location if you do not have an appointment.

This also applies to the state that you reside in and the rules and regulations that govern the fees which can be charged by a notary public.

If you make an appointment, then you may be charged considerably less. Again, that depends on the location of the UPS itself.

In many states, there is a maximum fee that can be charged. So, if you live in a state that governs the fees charged by notary publics, then you will know the maximum that can be charged for their services.

Do I Need an Appointment for UPS Notary?

Whether you need an appointment or not will depend on the location of the UPS store. Some will require that you set an appointment while others allow for walk-ins.

Most often, a UPS store that does have notary services will also have both appointments and walk-ins. In most cases, the charge for the appointment will be considerably less compared to the walk-in.

That is because the notary public will be prepared to sign legal documents. While for walk-ins the notary public may be handling other matters.

Notary publics that work for UPS have other duties they must perform. Quite often, they are verifying documents for UPS itself so they can be legally recognized.

A walk-in may be inconvenient to serve if they arrive at a busy time.

What Do I Need to Get Notarized at UPS?

UPS makes one basic requirement to have your documents notarized. They require a valid, government-issued photo identification. If you have such an ID, then you can proceed to the next step of whether UPS will actually notarize the document itself.

If the document matches what is listed or the notary public has agreed in advance to notarize the document, then you can proceed.

If you do not have a valid government-issued photo ID, such as driver’s license for example, then you will need to get one.

Depending on the laws governing your state, you will need to bring other forms of ID with you such as a birth certificate to get a valid photo ID issued by the government.

In addition, some states may require that a witness or witnesses be present for the notarization to proceed.

How Do I Get Notarized at UPS?

The first step is to identify the nearest UPS to your location that has a notary service. Keep in mind that not all of them do, so be sure to call first to see if they have one. If they do, ask if an appointment is needed or whether you can walk in.

If you are speaking to the notary public, they may be able to create an appointment around your schedule. This is good because an appointment often saves you money compared to walking-in.

The next step is asking if they can notarize the type of document that you have. If not, then ask for a recommendation of where to go. If so, then you can head to the UPS location at the appointed time. 

Be sure to have your government photo ID with you because that is required. Enter the store at the appointed time and have your documents notarized.

It is possible that more witnesses will be required for the notarization to take place. This will depend on the rules in your state. But the notary public will usually provide them.