UPS Rewards (Apple Watch, Airpods Pro & More)

Shipping is a competitive industry with so many options available to people and businesses. Of course, speed and delivery are essential, but what can set you apart is a rewards or loyalty program to make sure customers keep spending with you, even if your prices aren’t as competitive every day.

UPS is a major company for moving packages around the country and internationally. However, there are many options, so it would make sense that UPS has some kind of loyalty program to make sure you return and use them instead of FedEx or USPS.

Does UPS Have A Rewards Program? 

UPS does have a rewards program that a third party administers. The rewards will be tier level in Bronze, Silver, and Gold. For every $1 you spent, you will get 1 point and you can get rewards such as Apple Watch and iPad from your accumulated points.

You will need a registration code to create an account, and this is done by contacting the third-party service who will review your account to see if you qualify. Personal users are likely not eligible for this program.

The program is called UPS Rewards by Brand Movers and has been operating since at least 2018. UPS does sometimes offer other rewards, but these are ad-hoc and not always available.

If you qualify, you will be given a spending limit you must reach. If you surpass this limit, then you will earn points towards rewards that can be seen on their website

If you’re doing a lot of shipping, it would undoubtedly be worthwhile to try to signup, but exact details on how much you need to spend are not available. However, the rewards would indicate it would be high-volume shipping.

How Do UPS Rewards Work? 

Once you’ve signed up to UPS Rewards and been given your spending target, you will need to hit that target before you earn any points. Once you start accumulating your points, you can log in to the website and review what rewards are available.

Point targets are set monthly, and if you go above your target, you will earn points for every dollar spent above the target, so if you only barely reach your target, your point accumulation will be slow.

Points are totaled weekly or monthly and do not expire, so if you miss your target for a few months, you can still add to your points when you get back to shipping more often.

What Are the Perks of UPS Rewards? 

There is only one perk to UPS Rewards, which is accumulating points to get rewards and products from their benefits website.

You will not be able to see a complete list of what products are available or how many points you need for each item unless you are accepted into the program. So it’s difficult to know if the program is worth it for you until you actually join.

What Can I Get with UPS Rewards 

You can exchange your UPS Rewards point for products and gift cards through their benefits website. Some examples of what you can get are:

  • Apple watch
  • Apple AirPods pro
  • HP 23.8 All-in-one desktop computer
  • Backyard fire pit

The benefits would change as products are available or entirely purchased, so check back often for a complete list.

You will also be put into a tier level based on how much you’re spending, so you could be in bronze, silver, or gold. Your tier level will determine which products are available to you. Lower tiers will not be able to benefit from high-value items like computers even if they accumulate enough points.

How Much Are UPS Points Worth?

You receive 1 point per $1 you spend over your limit, and points accumulation varies depending on your tier level and what rewards are available to your tier level.

For example, you would need 3500 points to get a pair of Apple Airpod Pros, which means you need to be spending a lot of money above your target or waiting a long time to receive any rewards.

Requirements for points to products can change as the program wants; your tier will also determine how many points you may need.

How Can I Redeem UPS Rewards?

Your points are totaled weekly or monthly and added to your account, which can be accessed on the UPS Rewards website. In addition, you can browse and see what products are available for how many points.

Once you’ve selected what reward you want, you simply choose it, and it will be shipped to the business address on file with UPS.

Rewards are owned by the business and not the individual making the purchases. So you may need to consult your company about how these rewards can be used or what should be selected.

Does UPS Give Annual Rewards? 

UPS does not give annual rewards with this program. However, rewards and benefits are available to all customers are certain times of the year or if new programs are being released.

As an example, you could get a $25 gift card if you started using their Access Point program during Christmas of 2020. 

Does UPS Still Have the UPS Rewards program in 2021?

UPS does have the UPS Rewards program, which is by invitation or selection only. Most personal users of UPS will not be able to benefit, and even if accepted, they would likely not be spending enough to accumulate points high enough to get any rewards.

However, if you’re running a business from home where you are often shipping out to many customers, it may benefit you to sign up for personal rewards. Unfortunately, as these rewards are consumer-grade, they’re less beneficial to large businesses.

If you are a business that needs to ship many packages every month, then it’s worth investigating the program to see what limit UPS will assign you. If you feel you can reach and surpass that limit often, then the program may be worth it to you.

The benefits you will get are consumer-grade, so you will not receive discounts or company-specific products. It’s simply a perk you could give to employees. So it may or may not be worth it to you to stick with UPS as your exclusive shipper merely to be part of this program.