Does UPS Do Money Orders?

Money orders are a fast, safe and easy way to transfer money from one place to the other. It is a good idea for people who do not have access to bank accounts but still want a method for sending and receiving money.

Money order work as a written vow that you will pay a person or organization back for the amount written on the instrument. In this fast-moving world, people are always looking for ways to transfer their money from one place to another quickly, effectively, and safely.

Money orders give you the luxury of doing just that. Some many institutions and organizations do money orders. Today we are going to see if UPS does money orders.

Does UPS Do Money Orders in 2024? 

Where money orders are an excellent way to send and receive money both domestically and internationally, unfortunately, UPS does not do money orders.

However, the company does sell other services like shipping, printing, paper shredding, and many other services but they do not offer money services.

Why Don’t UPS Do Money Orders?

The main reason that is most likely attributed to the lack of money orders in UPS stores is that they are a logistics company and not a bank or agency obligated to sell money orders.

They provide a wide variety of financial services, but it does not include selling money orders. Another reason might be that the company does not have enough incentive since many other companies offer the same service.

So why should customers choose a shipping and courier company like UPS when they can do their business at other places?

Have UPS Ever Offered Money Order Before? 

No, UPS has never offered money order services, and it does not look like they will be offering such kind of services in the future. They started as a shipping and courier company, and they have been very successful at that.

Over the years, they have started offering other services as well; however, offering money orders has not been one of those services. As they are in a completely different line of business, it does not look like they will be doing money orders any time soon.

If UPS starts offering money orders and market them well, then people would definitely buy from them, and it will help to give their profit a boost; however, with such a tough commutation in this well-saturated market, it just seems like a good decision that they don’t offer money orders.

Does UPS Do Money Transfer? 

We have already established that UPS does not do money orders but do they do money transfers? Well, the answer is still No. UPS does not do money transfers as well.

As mentioned earlier, the company is in a totally different line of work, and it doesn’t seem like a viable business decision for them to get in this line of work as it is entirely different from their core business idea.

You can, however, get your bank account attached with your UPS account so you don’t have to worry about paying for your UPS invoices as the funds will automatically be taken from your bank account through EFT (Electronic funds transfer), but this is only for payment for UPS invoices.

You cannot transfer money through UPS. Not directly from the UPS stores and not through UPS shipping services. In fact, it is totally illegal to send money through UPS shipping services. You should also be careful in sending other forms of financial instructions through courier as well.

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Are There Any Money Order Alternatives at UPS?

As money orders are so high in demand, one might think that if they don’t offer money orders, they might be offering an amazing alternative to that; however, that is not the case.

So is there any money order alternative at UPS? NO! There is not. There are no alternatives to money orders at UPS. As mentioned earlier, you can link your bank account to UPS for paying UPS bills; however, you cannot transfer money through UPS services.

You can enjoy many other services offered by UPS, but money transfer isn’t one of them.

Can I Buy A Money Order At UPS?

As already mentioned above, UPS does not offer money orders, neither have they ever done it, and it doesn’t look like they would ever do it in the future. They are more focused on their own line of work which is shipping and courier.

They want to invest all of their time and money in improving their services rather than investing their resources in a completely new service that is not aligned with their line of work.

What Other Places Offer Money Order?

There are many other places from where you can buy money orders. You can go to a money gram, Western Union, Walmart, USPS, or many other places.

You can also order them through your bank. Some banks offer this service, so you don’t have to worry about it too much about the security of your instruction. In addition to all the institutions mentioned above, some credit unions also offer money orders.

They are a great alternative to checks and cash, which is why many organizations offer them and offer to encash them. You should always keep in mind that if you are sending a large amount of money, you will most likely be required to provide some identification, so make sure you bring your id with you when buying money orders.

But business IDs would suffice just fine as well. Most of these places also let you send international money orders. UPS does not offer money orders, and neither are they planning to do any such thing in the near future, so if you are looking to get money orders, it is better to visit any of the other organizations and stores that actually sell money orders.