Does Target Have ATM Machines?

Target is one of the largest general merchandise store chains that sell anything from home goods to fresh produce in their stores. They also have money services like money orders.

There are a few ways to shop at Target, you can visit your local store, order online and have your items shipped to your home, or even get your things delivered locally at select locations.

Many stores have ATM Machines in all of their locations. Let’s see if Target also has ATM machines in their stores for the ability to easily withdraw and access cash.

Does Target Have ATM Machines in 2024?

Most Target locations offer customers an ATM machine within their stores in 2021. You can typically find these ATMs near the customer service desks by the checkout lanes. The ATM fee can range between $1-$4 per withdrawal depending on your bank and the Target location.

Many mass retail stores follow the same basic structure so you shouldn’t have any issues locating an ATM inside.

If you are cannot find the ATM feel free to ask one of their helpful employees, they will be able to point you in the right direction.

Do All Target Store Locations Have an ATM Machine?

Target stores have partnered with Allpoint and you are able to find their ATMs in almost every store according to their locator. According to Target, 75% of the population in the US lives within 10 miles of a Target store, so it should be fairly convenient to find one near you.

The easiest way to find a Target store that has an ATM  near you is to use the Allpoint locator here. All you have to do is put in your address, or even just the zip code and you’ll be able to see all locations including Targets that will have an ATM near you.

What Type of ATM Machines Does Target Have?

Target Stores partnered with a company called “Allpoint” for their in-store ATM machines. Allpoint is an ATM company that partners with over 1,000 financial institutions to provide you with convenient ways to withdraw cash.

Allpoint+ is a special type of ATM that will also accept cash deposits at select locations. This is a great way to enhance your ATM experience and increase convenience.

Don’t forget to bring your debit card, you’ll need it to put into the machine and access your financial accounts at the ATM. Also being aware of your balance will help you avoid overdrawing your account.

Most ATMs will also let you check your balance in the account you are trying to use before you withdraw any cash. Checking your balance will help you determine exactly what your buying power is.

How Much is the ATM Fee at Target?

The best way to find out ATM fees at Target is to call the ATM machine company or verify if your financial institution does ATM fee reimbursement. Banks like PNC will reimburse you up to a certain amount monthly on fees incurred by ATMs.

Typically while you are processing your transaction a notice will show with any fees if applicable before you complete your transaction.

If you are still unsure of whether or not you will have an ATM fee or if you want to avoid one altogether, another option to get cash is to receive cashback when you are checking out. Target gives you the ability to get up to $40 in cashback.

To reap the benefits of zero fees and get cashback you have to ensure you are paying with a debit card.

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To ensure you don’t have limits per transaction it’s a good idea to call your primary financial institution and see if they have any company policies that will limit how much cash you can get back per transaction or even per day.

Target enhanced their cashback experience by even allowing you to receive cash back at the self-checkout registers. If you find you are having any trouble don’t hesitate to speak to one of their employees for assistance.

What other Stores Have an ATM Machine?

In today’s modern times you can rest assured that you’ll be able to gain access to your bank account or credit union and withdraw cash almost anywhere you go. There are ATMs in almost every major retailer like Costco, Walmart, Walgreen’s, Sam’s Club, and many others.

One of the more common places you can find an ATM is at your local bank branch or credit union. You can even potentially find a 24-hour or drive-through option for your convenience. The best thing to do is to search before you go out online to see where the nearest ATM is located.

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Searching prior to heading out also helps you avoid any transaction fees if applicable as well. There are many convenient websites that you can use at your disposal. Using them is simple and you can input an address, city, or even zip code to find an ATM machine near you.

Does Target Still Have ATM Machines in 2021?

Target still has ATM Machines in most of their retail stores as of 2021. Customers have the convenience of withdrawing cash at one of their many conveniently placed ATMs that can usually be found at the front of the store.

Target continues to offer a more premium shopping experience at an affordable price, their motto is even “Expect more. Pay less.” and they have been using it since 1994!

Many shoppers also like to stop and enjoy their bargain sections at the front of the store that changes inventory seasonally.

It’s always important to be aware of exactly how much cash you are needing. Many of the Target ATMs are going to have limits on how much money you can take out.

The typical withdrawal limit you’ll find at an Allpoint ATM in Target can range from $200 and $400 depending on the machine. Being a savvy shopper and having familiarity with your local Target store you should be able to locate an ATM at your convenience

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