Does Target Have A Reward Program?

Rewards programs are something most stores provide. Many customers sign up and never use them, especially if the rewards program doesn’t offer any real value. So the point of retaining and having customers return is lost when the program isn’t giving anything valuable to the customer.

Target is a major retailer, and most customers would expect some type of loyalty program from them. Keep reading to find out if Target has a program and if it’s worth you signing up for or if you should just skip it.

Does Target Have A Rewards Program?

Target provides a rewards program called Circle. The core benefit of this program is that you earn 1% on most purchases, which can be accumulated and used to purchase or get discounts on products. You need to be active in the program by gaining or using points; otherwise, they expire within one year.

The rewards program was introduced in 2019 as an enhancement to their existing discounts program. There are no fees to join, and anybody over 18 can apply for membership.

You can apply to join the program on their website, using their app, or at the checkout.

While the program is free, it still has many benefits that make it worthwhile to use. So understanding how to take advantage of the program best and how the benefits work will be imperative to getting the most out of the loyalty program.

How Do Target’s Circle Benefits Work?

Every time you purchase at Target, you need to scan the target app or enter your phone number. As long as you don’t use Target’s “red card,” you accumulate 1% on standard purchases into your balance, which can be used towards a single purchase on another visit.

You can’t use points from the same day, and you must use your balance in one transaction. So you should accumulate points to purchase something specific or a larger grocery haul. Otherwise, buying a single small item will waste the rest of your points.

As with any loyalty program, there are additional benefits you can use. So, customers will want to fully understand and take advantage of these benefits if they’re going to spend more at Target because of this loyalty program.

What Are Target Circle Benefits?

Target’s Circle benefits program provides a 1% earning on most purchases you make. You can accumulate these points to then buy most grocery or retail items on a subsequent visit. In addition, the circle program has several other benefits that you should be taking advantage of.

  • Access to hundreds of additional deals and discounts through the mobile app.
  • Get a 5% discount on your birthday.
  • You can vote towards where Target donates to in your community.

What Can I Get with Target’s Circle Benefits?

You can use your Target circle reward points to purchase almost anything in-store, online, or via the mobile app. There are only a few categories of items that can not be bought. However, the range of other things that you can buy is exceptionally generous.

Listed below are what you can’t use your points for. Outside of these, you can use your points on any one transaction.

  • Alcohol
  • Dairy products
  • Prescriptions or items behind the pharmacy counter
  • Purchases at some in-store businesses, such as Target Optical.
  • Items through the website/app that are listed as same-day delivery
  • Target purchases through third-party apps.
  • Gift cards of any kind.
  • Any purchase that delivers via email, such as digital downloads.
  • Taxes, shipping, and handling fees can not be paid for with points.
  • Paying off your Target credit card, RedCard.

With the knowledge of what you can’t buy with your points, you’ve got a massive list of things you can purchase. But customers will need to know how much points are worth compared to actual products.

How Much Are the Points Worth with Target’s Circle Program?

When you purchase an applicable product, 1% of the purchase price will go to your rewards program balance, not including taxes. That is dollar-for-dollar rewards. This means $1 in your balance is $1 towards the next purchase you decide to use points on.

Customers are likely highly excited about the core reward provided by Target. The more you spend, the more points you can earn and put towards a specific purchase.

So knowing exactly how to use your points in the best way will be crucial to not wasting them.

How Can I Redeem Target’s Rewards?

When you go to checkout, either online, the mobile app, or at checkout, you will have the option of scanning your mobile app account or entering your phone number. Once your account is linked to the purchase, you can then use your points as the payment method instead of selecting a debit or credit card.

Your points can only be used for one purchase, which means if you have $100 and your purchase will be $50, then you’re wasting half of your points and will be starting from $0 after the transaction.

Ensure you have a plan for what you want to buy with each set of points or make sure you use your points as soon as they reach the cost of a single grocery purchase.

Customers who are constantly using their points could be annoyed that they need to keep such good track of everything.

They will likely be wondering if Target offers any kind of annual reward or an easier option for them to use points or gain points.

Does Target Give Annual Rewards?

Target provides an annual 5% off for your birthday as part of the circle benefits program, which must be used on the day of your birthday; otherwise, you lose it. It has nothing to do with your points, you don’t gain or use any, and there is no cashback on the reward.

Does Target Still Have the Circle Benefits Program in 2024?

Target introduced the Circle Benefits Program in 2019, and it is still active as of 2024. It is pretty generous by offering 1% of most of your purchases into an account balance.

The circle benefits program is free to join, and if you add or use points within one year, they aren’t lost. So there is no downside to signing up and using the

Target rewards program. It may even be worthwhile to use Target over other stores, depending on your local grocery and retail stores’ rewards program.

The only people who don’t benefit fully from the rewards program are those with a RedCard, Target’s in-store credit card.

This is because they are already receiving benefits that can’t be stacked with the circle rewards program. However, they can still sign up to get some specialized discounts and their birthday discount.