Does Target Do Passport Photos?

Typically, people go to photo studios for passport images. However, they can be pretty expensive. Luckily, now many retail stores and drugstores offer the same service.

Target is a famous retail store that sells alcohol, home décor, and much more. Are you wondering if they do passport photos? Well, here is all that you need to know about it.

Does Target Do Passport Photos?

Target offers passport photo services in all states of the US. You can go to your nearest store to get your picture taken. The processing time of the passport photos at Target is five minutes, and you will get two 2×2 images.

A key thing about getting your passport photo from Target is that they follow all the guidelines set by the government. For instance, the store only takes color pictures.

If you have been wondering whether all locations of this store do passport photos or not, you’re in the right place. Continue reading to learn more.

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Which Target Locations Offer Passport Photos?

Target has more than 1800 stores across the US, and all of them offer passport photos. You can use the online locator to find your nearest Target location.

Once you reach the store, you should go inside and ask the clerk for the photo counter. When you go there, another employee will help you and take your passport picture.

Many places offer reasonable prices for passport photos. If you’re wondering about Target’s cost, keep on reading.

How Much Is A Passport Photo At Target?

The cost of two passport photos at Target is $9.99. It is one of the inexpensive places you will find.  Here are is a table for prices of Target and some other retailers to help you understand better:


Target also allows ordering passport photos online. However, they charge $12.99 for that. This is because they deliver the pictures to you, so you don’t have to go to the location.

Besides that, you can save money by getting a template for the picture. You can then get it printed at Target next time for only $1.

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What Do I Need To Get Passport Photo Taken At Target?

All you have to do is dress up nice and go to the store. You do not need to take any documents with you to get a passport photo taken at Target.  However, keep in mind not to wear obstructive ornaments.

For instance, you will be asked to remove glasses for the passport photo. Additionally, you should avoid wearing wireless or any other type of headphones.

Besides that, you should also ensure to pay by the right method. Typically, cash is best for payment.

However, if you will be using another form, you should ensure that Target accepts it. The store allows you to pay by credit cards, digital wallets, and gift cards.

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How Long Does It Take To Get Passport Photo At Target?

It only takes five minutes for you to get a passport photo at Target. This is the typical processing time for two images.

Besides that, the store also allows you to get passport photos from their online platform. If you order from there, it will take longer than the standard time. Typically, you can expect delivery in one to three days.

If you are wondering about the online ordering process of Target, worry no more. Here is what you need to know.

How To Order Passport Photos Online From Target?

To order photos online from Target, you should visit their website first and purchase the package. After that, you will be redirected to another page for the photo-taking process.

An online app will open and guide you on how far you should sit from the camera. It will also help you with the framing of the picture. Once you are ready, the photo will be taken.

After the photo is done, you should click on the approve button and choose the payment method. Once you do that, the online order will be placed. You can expect delivery in a maximum of three days.