Does Target Cash Checks? (Answered)

Some consumers rely on checks from their employer and the government. Often this is due to no bank account and no fixed address. In these types of situations, you would need to rely on check cashing services.

Historically grocery stores and retail chains have been a good solution. They still require fees but less than payday loan stores. Target is a well-known combination store that many consumers may be wondering about for check cashing.

Does Target Cash Checks?

Target does not cash checks for its customers. However, it does accept personal checks as a form of payment. You can also pay with all traditional payment methods, including money if you get your check cashed at another store.

With Kroger and Walmart offering this service, they may be a better option for you to cash your check and buy whatever you need. They should have similar products as Target.

With targets policy talking about personal checks, many customers may be confused if the no check cashing policy applies to payroll or government-issued checks.

What Types of Checks Does Target Not Cash?

Target will not cash checks at all, and they do not provide this service in any way to their customers. Therefore, it does not matter what kind of check you have; Target will not accept it.

The only time target accepts checks is when you make a payment with a personal check linked to your bank account. However, you will not receive cash back when paying with a check.

Without this service and with no other payment methods, you will need to find another option for cashing your check.

Where Can You Get Checks Cashed?

Most stores are slowly moving away from check cashing due to lower demand and high fraud in this service. It’s simply easier for them to accept cash or card. If you have no other option, you can see if any of the below methods would work for you.

  • Deposit the check in your bank account if you have one and withdraw the funds or use a debit card.
  • Request the issuing bank to cash the check. Though, you will need a valid government ID.
  • Some stores such as Walmart and Krogers cash some checks, so you can discuss with them.
  • Payday loan stores are likely your final option. They will charge you more than any other option on the list guaranteed.

This financial service is slowly going away and won’t be replaced. If you don’t have a bank account, you need to look at options to get one. Some banks won’t require proof of address to open an account.

Still, some consumers may be stuck to the idea that check cashing is safer or faster, and they’re irritated that Target doesn’t offer this service.

Why Doesn’t Target Cash Checks?

Target doesn’t provide any information on why they don’t cash checks; they just don’t provide the service. Check cashing services are becoming less common. The potential for fraud is high, and the steps needed to get the money require more handling than simply getting cash or card transactions.

Simply put, check cashing is too much effort if that’s not your primary business. Therefore, the future for this will likely be payday loan stores providing the service only and charging high fees for doing so.

With no other options, customers are rightfully angry about this lack of service. However, many other similar stores do offer check cashing, so it seems strange that Target does not.

Did Target Cash Checks Before?

Target has never offered a check cashing service, and it provides no financial services in-store that would have previously cashed your check. The only time checks would be used at Target is if you paid with a personal check attached to your bank account, and they were able to verify you through their third-party service.

Consumers that only have checks issued to them may hope that Target will offer this service in the future, especially when their competitors are providing this service.

Will Target Cash Checks in the Future?

It is doubtful that Target will ever offer to cash checks for you. They never have before, and they have never discussed it as a future possibility. Therefore, unless there is an extremely high demand from Targets customers, they would have no reason to provide a potentially risky service.

Target even has concerns with accepting personal checks from customers. They require a valid government-issued ID, as well as checking your details against a third-party business, Certegy. So Target’s interest in dealing with checks and fraud is very low.

Can I Cash a Check at Target?

You have no option to cash a check at Target. It is not a service provided in any way. You will need to cash your check at another store and return with accepted payment methods to Target.

One option that could work is by using PayPal to cash your check. The Target app does allow PayPal as a payment method, and PayPal offers check cashing. So if you have a smartphone, this may be a much more convenient method to cash your check without having to go to another store.