Does Staples Have a Notary?

Staples is an American office retail company that specializes in sales of office supplies and other related products, having retail channels and business-to-business delivery. They also offer a print and photocopy service.

Notary services are the affirmation of a document, showing its existence and such document is usually for individuals, businesses, and companies.

Does Staples Have a Notary?

Staples does not offer notary services as of 2024. Instead, they offer notary stamps for companies and businesses that offer notary services. This is part of their office supplies and is customized to fit any notary stamp of any state in the US.

Some people mistake the sales of notary stamps by Staples as an affirmative to Staples having a notary, but it is confirmed that no location of Staples has a notary service.

Which Staples Location Does Not Have a Notary?

There are a total number of over 1580 Staples stores with over 1000 based in the US alone and they are present in over 20 countries in North and South America, Asia-Pacific regions and Europe.

None of these locations has a notary service and only a few in the US and some other countries have customized notary stamps.

In the US, every Staple store that is in such a state has a customized notary stamp that belongs to the state and these stamps range from $30 to $60 and can come in different sizes and shapes, dependent on the state and individual preferences.

Why Does Staples Not Offer Notary Services?

Staples do not offer notary services because they are known as a federal agency that is not licensed to notarize documents. They have services for business needs such as printing, but not notarization.

In addition, Staples is a stationery store with mostly office supplies. They focus on offering supplies or buying them in bulk and resell them to businesses and companies.

To acquire a notary stamp from Staples, the presentation of a state notary certificate along with the order is required. Additionally, the shape and size can be chosen to suit the individual’s preference.

These stamps are metal-like contraptions that look like a stapler but with the stamp logo on them.

What Other Places Can I Get Notarized?

Different stores have different prices for notarizing a document, an example being UPS which charges around $10-$15 and if such person gets there ahead of time, there is a discounted fee given.

Walgreens offers between $0.50 and $15 per signature or person while CVS charges between $5 and $30.

It is also dependent on states in the US as in Texas, the minimum price is $0.50 and the maximum is $6. The state of Florida charges between $10 and $25 while in California, the maximum price is $20.

How Do I Get Notarized?

There is no proper way of making an appointment for document notarization as most times, it is not needed but instead, all that is needed is the complete documentation required by the notary.

The major requirements for a notary of a document are the complete documents and a valid means of identification.

By complete documents, it means that every document required for that particular category must be tendered with the type of notarization already known, and to know the type of notarization, a lawyer can be of help.

A valid means of identification must also be produced with the name on the ID matching the name on the document and means of identification of all signatories must be tendered with every signatory present for the signing.

Can I Get Notarized Online?

With the world going into the digital age, documents can be notarized online in less than 5 minutes with so many sites going digital and the developments of applications solely for notary purposes.

There are so many notaries, each having its peculiarities to differentiate one from the other. 

The most popular, most expensive, and the best among all is Notarize with 24/7 access, DocPros, NSS,, Notaries to You and a few others are connected based on appointment at any time.

Others include Sunshine Signing, Prestige Notaries, and so much more.

Can You Get Notarized at Staples?

You cannot get notarized at Staples as they do not offer this service. Alternatively, you can get notarized at UPS, Walgreens, CVS, and your local banks.

Staples is known first as a federal agency and then a form of postal office. These two do not offer notary services to any business or company and in addition, they produce their form of a notary stamp, a stamp used to notarize documents.

Staples is unique because the notary stamps produced vary from each other based on size, shape, preference, and state notary logo. Get notary stamps from Staples with the uniqueness captured.