Does Sam’s Club Take PayPal?

Sam’s Club is one of the leading members-only retail warehouses operated by Walmart. With over 600 branches, the mega-chain store unveiled an innovative shopping experience for their customers.

Knowing about Sam’s Club services, do you want to know whether PayPal is accepted at the store? Let’s take a quick look at the availability of the PayPal payment option at Sam’s Club.

Does Sam’s Club Take PayPal in 2024?

Unfortunately, Sam’s Club does not accept PayPal as a payment method as of 2024. Instead, the store accepts any MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express Credit or Debit Cards. Other payments like Cash, Checks, Sam’s Club Credit, and Sam’s Club Gift Cards are also accepted.

Additionally, you can use Walmart MasterCard or Rewards Card for your purchases in Sam’s Club. To know more about the alternative PayPal payment options, continue reading.

Why Doesn’t Sam’s Club Take PayPal?

There is no specific reason for not accepting PayPal in Sam’s Club. Instead, shoppers can use PayPal Cash MasterCard for in-store and online purchases.

However, except PayPal, all major payment methods are accepted nowadays in the store which was limited before.

Does Sam’s Club Have Any Plans to Take PayPal in the Future?

It is currently unknown whether Sam’s Club will accept PayPal in the future as there is no official information from the store regarding it. 

Since the store accepts all major payment methods, it is unlikely to accept PayPal in the future.

Can You Use A PayPal Cash Card at Sam’s Club?

Although PayPal is not accepted at Sam’s Club, there is an alternate option to use PayPal Cash MasterCard.

You can request a new card through your online account at

As PayPal Cash Card is linked to your balance you can easily add the money when needed with little or no fee. There is no monthly or annual fee to use this card.

Does Sam’s Club Take PayPal Credit?

Sam’s Club does not support PayPal for purchases. So, the PayPal Credit option is also not available.

Is There Any Contactless Way to Pay at Sam’s Club?

As of today, Sam’s Club does not enable contactless payments at their stores and gas stations.

However, the gas station has a facility of new Scan-and-go with Sam’s Club app on the mobile phone. 

  • Click the “Scan-and-Go” within the app 
  • Scan a QR code at the gas station.
  • Select the method of payment.
  • Receive payment via email.

What other Stores Take PayPal?

Some of the stores that accept the PayPal method of payment are as follows.

  • Walmart
  • HomeDepot
  • Macy’s
  • Under Armour
  • Target
  • Dollar Tree

For in-store and online purchases, you can pay using PayPal in a number of ways including with your credit card, debit card, or your mobile devices.

You can also deposit or withdraw money to your PayPal account.

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Can You Use PayPal At Sam’s Club in 2024?

Sam’s Club does not have a PayPal method of payment as of 2024. As per Sam’s Club’s policy, they only accept other forms of payments including credit or debit cards, cash, checks, and Sam’s Club Credit and Gift Cards. 

Additionally, you can use PayPal Cash Master Card at the store which is an alternate option of PayPal payment.