Does Sam’s Club Sell Stamps? (Answered)

Many people mail presents, documents, and much more for various purposes. This is why they buy postage stamps from their local post office.

However, stores such as Walmart, Walgreens, and Albertsons also sell stamps. Sam’s Club is another store that you may be wondering about.

Well, here is all the information you need to know about Sam’s Club and stamps.

Does Sam’s Club Sell Stamps In 2024?

Sam’s Club is a famous warehouse store that sells stamps to shoppers. They have the same types as the local US post office. So you can rest assured about the quality and authenticity. The store sells stamps to both members and nonmembers.

The warehouse chain has about 600 locations in Puerto Rico and US. All the stores in the US sell stamps to consumers.

You can visit your nearest branch for curbside pickup or go inside the store. However, you must know what type of stamp you need. This is because Sam’s Club has different options.

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What Types Of Stamps Does Sam’s Club Sell?

All branches of this warehouse chain sell three types of stamps. Firstly, they sell a book of twenty US Forever postage stamps.

Besides that, they sell a book of US Forever Holiday postage stamps. Apart from that, they allow consumers to buy a coil of 100 Forever stamps as well.

Some stores keep minimum restrictions for stamps because they are inexpensive. If you’re wondering whether Sam’s Club has a limit, continue reading.

How Many Sam’s Club Stamps Do I Have To Buy At A Time?

There are no maximum limit restrictions at Sam’s Club, but customers cannot buy single stamps. You will have the option to purchase either the book of twenty stamps or a coil of hundred ones.

If you require only one stamp, you will have to visit another store or the local post office. Since they are inexpensive, most shops only sell books of stamps.

How Much Do Stamps Cost At Sam’s Club?

The stamps at Sam’s Club are sold at the same rate as the local post office. Here are their prices according to the types:

Forever US Flag StampBook of Twenty$11.55
Forever Holiday Delights StampBook of Twenty$11.55
Forever US Flag StampCoil of Hundred$57.75

If you wish to buy these stamps, you can visit your nearest Sam’s Club location. You can do a curbside pickup or go inside the store.

However, if you go inside, you will have to locate the stamps.

Where In Sam’s Club Can I Locate Stamps?

Sam’s Club does not keep stamps on shelves to make sure no one steals them. Instead, you will find them behind the counter for purchase.

At some locations, you will have to go to the membership desk to buy the stamps. You can locate this by asking a clerk to show you the way when you enter the store.

Sam’s Club also has an online store to make shopping convenient. You can purchase stamps from there as well.

How To Buy Stamps From Sam’s Club Online?

The online site of Sam’s Club is simple to use, but only members can shop from there. If you don’t have a membership, you can get one online. Additionally, you can use a guest account to make the purchase.

All consumers can buy the stamps from the website. However, the store ships only Holiday Delights Book and the US Flag Coil stamps.

If you want to get the book of US Flag stamps, you can place a pickup order from the website. Sam’s Club accepts various payment methods in-store and online.

How Can I Pay For Stamps At Sam’s Club?

The most straightforward way to pay for stamps at this store is to use cash. They also take debit cards, Visa, Mastercard, and much more. You can also use your club credit to buy stamps.

Sam’s Club does not allow payments from digital wallets such as Apple Pay. Besides that, they also do not accept PayPal payments. However, they do allow EBT for in-club purchases.

Can You Return Stamps To Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club has a return at any time policy for most of their items, including stamps. You can visit any location of this store to give back the stamp.

However, you should note that the original receipt is necessary to get a refund. You will have to submit it to the Member Services desk at Sam’s Club.

Can I Still Buy Stamps At Sam’s Club In 2024?

The warehouse chain is still selling stamps at all of their locations. You can visit them during business hours to get stamps. They allow curbside pickup as well.

Sam’s Club sells different types of Forever postage stamps. You can get them from the store or have them shipped to you through the website.