Does Sam’s Club Have Western Union?

Sam’s Club, a subsidiary of Walmart, is an American chain of the members-only retail warehouse. With over 600 warehouse clubs nationwide they offer a lot of member benefits and services.

With an aim of convenient money transfer availability to the customers, Western Union initiated their service in many of the grocery and retail stores. 

If you are curious to know whether Sam’s Club has Western Union in its stores, here are a few things to know.

Does Sam’s Club Have Western Union In [Year]?

Sam’s Club does not have Western Union or MoneyGram in any of their store locations in 2024. As they do not offer any financial service, customers cannot rely on Sam’s Club for money transfer needs. Instead, you have to look for other retail stores like Walmart or Rite Aid that provide Western Union in-store service.

To learn more about why there is no Western Union in Sam’s Club and the other stores with Western Union service, continue reading the article.

Why Doesn’t Sam’s Club Have Western Union?

Generally, Sam’s Club focuses only on quality products and savings benefits for their members. 

They do not provide any financial service choices for customers which is the reason for not having Western Union in their store.

While Walmart enables customers to make money transfer through Western Union, Walmart-owned Sam’s Club does not have any financial service benefits. 

Which Retailers Have Western Union?

The major retailers that have Western Union in-store benefits are as follows.

  • Walmart– Walmart currently permits multiple money transfer services including Western Union and MoneyGram for domestic and international purposes. It is available in most Walmart locations.
  • Safeway– The majority of Safeway store locations provide Western Union money transfers. However, there is a money transfer limit for each transfer.
  • Kroger- Kroger offers Western Union in most of their store locations. Customers can access funds through digital or retail services.

You can find more articles on retailers that have Western Union.

Where Can You Receive Western Union Money Transfer?

To receive funds in a reliable method, Western Union does provide convenient ways for customers.

You can receive the money from your bank account as Western Union transfers funds directly into the receiver’s bank account.

The other way is to receive a money transfer at the nearest agent locations with a location finder.

To receive money, you need to provide details such as a valid ID and the sender’s name, location, and expected amount.

Where Can You Cash Western Union Money Orders?

If you want to cash a Western Union money order, you can find a Western Union branch at banks or retailers such as grocery or drugstores.

You may require to pay a fee to cash your money order at most of the service locations.

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Does Sam’s Club Have MoneyGram?

Sam’s Club does not have MoneyGram either. They do not offer any financial services in their outlet. 

Although Western Union and MoneyGram are the popular competitive money transfer providers, Moneygram offers the cheapest service and fast money transfers. 

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Does Sam’s Club Have Western Union in 2024?

As of now, Sam’s Club does not offer Western Union money service to customers in 2024. They do not provide MoneyGram service as well. 

If you need any financial requirements, you have to rely on other retail stores like Walmart, Walgreens, or Kroger that still offer money transfer services at most of their locations.