Does Sam’s Club Have a Rewards Program?

Rewards Programs are becoming more popular as a tactic to increase customer retention, and Sam’s Club has recently rolled out a program that allows their Plus members and credit card holders to access rewards as well.

Does Sam’s Club Have a Rewards Program?

While Sam’s Club does not have a traditional rewards program for all members, Sam’s Club Plus members can enjoy the perks and benefits of the Cash Rewards that is offered to them.

Sam’s Club Plus members can earn up to $500 in annual rewards and get a percentage of cash back on each qualifying purchase they make.

Another program that gives customers at Sam’s Club the option to earn rewards is the Sam’s Club Mastercard which, when used in addition to the Plus membership, can earn users up to 5% cash back on purchases, including gas.

How Does the Sam’s Club Cash Rewards Program Work?

In order to access and accrue points for the Sam’s Club Cash Rewards program, you’ll need to be an active Sam’s Club Plus member. A regular Sam’s Club membership currently costs $45 per year, while the rate for a Plus membership is $100 annually.

If you think the extra $55 a year in membership fees is worth it, then you become eligible to earn cash rewards and accrue points to use toward future purchases at Sam’s Club locations, including at their gas pumps.

You can apply for a Sam’s Club Plus membership online via the Sam’s Club website or visit your nearest Sam’s Club location and ask a representative to sign you up.

What are the Perks of Sam’s Club Plus Membership?

In addition to receiving a percentage of cash back for qualifying purchases made at Sam’s Club locations, Plus members can also enjoy discounts on optical and pharmacy services and discounts on gas at the Sam’s Club gas stations.

Sam’s Club Plus members can receive up to $500 in cash back rewards annually, and points roll over rather than expiring.

What Can I Get With Sam’s Club Cash Rewards?

Most items available at Sam’s Club can be purchased using your accrued cash rewards from your Plus membership. There are, however, prohibited items that you cannot purchase using cash rewards.

Items such as tobacco, alcohol, gasoline and prescription medications can not be purchased using cash rewards, according to Sam’s Club policies.

How Can I Redeem Sam’s Club Cash Rewards?

There are a few ways in which customers can redeem their Sam’s Club cash rewards.

Sam’s Club Plus members can redeem their cash rewards at any Sam’s Club in-store as store credit, as their rewards are automatically loaded onto their account as they are accrued.

Members can also redeem their rewards at the register as cash to use elsewhere.

Both primary and secondary cardholders can cash out your rewards, view points and make qualifying purchases in order to accrue more points and rewards.

Does Sam’s Club Still Have a Rewards Program in 2024?

Regular Sam’s Club members might not get to enjoy the perks of cash rewards, but if you’re a Sam’s Club Plus member, you’ll be earning cash rewards on any eligible purchase you make as long as you remain an active Sam’s Club Plus member.

As of 2024, Sam’s Club also offers a Sam’s Club Mastercard for Plus members that will increase their cash back potential from 2% to 5% on qualifying purchases.