Sam’s Club Money Orders Guide

Sam’s Club is a chain of retail warehouse clubs that Walmart owners operate. It was founded in 1983 and has been popular for many years. Aside from bulk discount items, Sam’s Club also offers personal services such as eye exams and hearing aids.

Nowadays, many stores such as Safeway and Walmart offer money orders. If you’re wondering about Sam’s Club’s money order services, you’re in the right place. Here is what you need to know.

Does Sam’s Club Do Money Orders?

Unfortunately, Sam’s Club doesn’t do money orders. Instead, you will have to use other options for them. For example, Kroger and WinCo allow people to purchase money orders for a minimum placement fee. Financial services have never been the primary focus of Sam’s Club.

The retail club chain does not allow people to purchase a money order from them. Besides that, you cannot go to Sam’s Club to cash the orders too. To transfer funds, you must visit a bank or use other alternatives.

To learn more about Sam’s Club’s policy for money orders, please continue reading. You must understand their reason for not offering this service.

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Why Don’t Sam’s Club Do Money Orders?

Sam’s Club’s primary work is to offer their members various products at a cheaper rate. Financial services are not a part of their business. That is why they don’t provide them.

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Money orders come under financial services and do not require bank accounts. Sam’s Club has not disclosed a particular reason for not doing money orders. However, it is most likely because their members don’t require it.

Does All Sam’s Club Locations Don’t Do Money Orders?

Sam’s Club has about 600 locations in the US and a variety of stores in Puerto Rico. None of their outlets do money orders. This is because the chain has not approved this service.

No locations allow the purchase of money orders from the outlet. They also don’t let members cash orders. To do these things you must visit other places.

Besides that, you must be wondering about alternatives to money orders at Sam’s Club. To learn more about them, you should keep on reading. We have discussed the subject below in detail.

Have Sam’s Club Ever Offered Money Order Before?

The retail chain has never offered money orders since its inception. Their primary focus has always been providing people, and other businesses access to various products.

Sam’s Club came into being in 1983. Money orders were not a part of their services from the beginning. Additionally, they haven’t made changes over the years.

Thus, it is most likely that the chain won’t do money orders in the future. This is, of course, speculation. Sam’s Club hasn’t provided an official statement about offering financial services.

Is There Any Money Order Alternatives At Sam’s Club?

You cannot transfer cash to other people at Sam’s Club. There is no way to send funds from your card to another card through the retail chain. However, there is one alternative that Sam’s Club offers.

The chain has a cash advance option for the members. By doing this, you can fund your other bank card. This is not advisable, though, because they charge a high fee.

Specific money orders need to be cashed at the right place. For example, USPS money orders can be cashed at postal offices for free, and Walmart will only cash MoneyGram money orders.

Besides the cash advance, there are no other alternative options of money order at Sam’s Club. They don’t allow money transfers due to security reasons. However, other places can let you do them.

What Other Places Offer Money Orders?

Many other places offer money orders 24/7. For example, WinCo allows you to purchase Western Union orders from them. Safeway is another retail store that provides the same service.

Apart from that, you can make a money order from a bank as well. Even Western Union offers the service. Some post offices are now allowing people to do money orders too.

Can I Buy A Money Order At Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club does not sell money orders, nor do they cash them. They do not offer any financial service except for their own Mastercard to members. Their policy has been the same since its inception in 1983. That is why it is safe to say that they won’t be doing money orders anytime soon.

While the retail chain does not do cash checks or money transfers, they provide a cash advance service to their members. Aside from that, you can go to other places for money orders.

Keep in mind that no matter which place you opt for, all of them will charge a placement fee for the order. This is inexpensive in most cases.

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