Does Safeway Have Layaway?

Safeway offers weekly deals and has a big book of savings on seasonal and special items. You can signup to become a Safeway member and get special offers available to members. As a member, you can earn and redeem points for free or discounted items.

Using weekly deals and discounts, find items on special to buy in bulk. Otherwise, plan your meals around discounted items. Ensure you collect all membership points from purchases and use those points towards expensive items rather than many cheap items that already have discounts.

Layaway has historically been an option for customers low on funds that needed items and offered by many stores, such as Walmart.

Does Safeway Have Layaway?

While Safeway may offer some non-grocery items, they are primarily a grocery store and do not offer layaway. This is the case for both in-store and online. So if you need groceries but don’t have enough money right now, then a credit card would be your best option with Safeway.

You may be frustrated by Safeway’s lack of layaway, especially if Safeway is your only grocery option within a reasonable distance. You’ve likely seen or heard that some grocery stores have offered layaway in the past.

Did Safeway Ever Have Layaway Before?

Safeway has never offered layaway before across all of their stores. It’s possible that certain stores did offer this as an option; however, Safeway corporate has never made this an option to their customers. Additionally, Safeway has not previously made any public comments on layaway.

Safeway has gone through several owners over the years, with Albertsons buying Safeway in 2015. However, even before Albertsons purchased Safeway, they did not offer layaway.

With layaway being a common option that many customers have used and know, there may be some expectation that Safeway should offer layaway.

Why Don’t Safeway Have Layaway?

Safeway is primarily a grocery store, they do offer various value-added services and may sell some non-grocery items, but it doesn’t make sense for the store to use layaway for the majority of their items.

If you can’t afford groceries, the better option would be to use a credit card that allows you to buy now and pay it off once you have the money.

A big problem with layaway is that a store must put the item to the side for you; this means physically holding the item or making sure a similar item will be available for you.

Also, with perishable food items, they have to keep stock of the item, which may not always be possible.

Customers may still be frustrated by this, as some holidays or significant events require you to plan in advance and save up for them. So the ability to layaway a Christmas feast or thanksgiving dinner would be very convenient.

Does Safeway Have Plans for Layaway in the Future?

Safeway has made no mention of offering its own layaway service in the future. This is unlikely to happen as it hasn’t been a historical option, and Albertsons has owned Safeway since 2015 and has made no plans or comments on layaway.

If Safeway customers demand layaway, then Safeway may need to listen, but so far, there hasn’t been a significant public demand for layaway from Safeway.

So there is little reason that Safeway would want to put the time and effort into layaway if it is a little-used service.

Without layaway or the entire funds for groceries and other items from Safeway, the hope from customers may be that there are other financing options available at Safeway.

What Other Alternative Financing Options Does Safeway Offer?

Safeway does not offer any financing options at all directly through their stores. They do not offer layaway, store credit cards, or any options for you to buy from them without paying the total amount right now or using a third-party service.

Safeway is a grocery store with little interest in financing your purchases. Groceries are an essential item you have to buy, so offering incentives to customers in financing isn’t required; Safeway knows you need them.

Without layaway or other financing options, customers will need to find other options, whether that is credit cards with higher interest or buy now pay later services.

Does Safeway Do Buy Now Pay Later Instead of Layaway?

Safeway does not offer a buy now, pay later option directly. However, there are many third-party services that you can use to buy now, pay later from Safeway.

The benefit of these services over a credit card is if you will have the means to pay the purchase off within six weeks.

These services can often have a higher interest rate if you don’t pay them off in six weeks. However, you don’t need a credit check to use them. So you need to weigh the risks and benefits on if you will use them.

Without any real financing options and if buy now, pay later services aren’t suitable for your needs, you’ll need to look for other stores that offer layaway for your groceries.

What Other Stores Offer Layaway?

Layaway has fallen out of favor with many stores, especially stores that are offering groceries, even where it’s for seasonal events like Christmas or thanksgiving.

You will be hardpressed to find any large store that offers layaway to its customers directly unless it is for large items like furniture or clothing.

Even Walmart, which had previously offered seasonal layaway, has removed this option in 2021, favoring instead to partner with buy now, pay later services.

Is There Layaway at Safeway?

Safeway does not offer layaway or any other financing option to its customers. So your best option is to use their deals and discounts to shop in bulk and store items.

Alternatively, you can use credit cards if any surprise requirements come up.

If you are saving up for seasonal events, you would need to set money aside yourself. Otherwise, use a third-party buy now, pay later service to finance your Safeway needs.

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