Does Safeway Have ATM Machines? (Answered)

One of the many services grocery stores offer is the convenience of banking. By providing the use of ATMs through Wells Fargo National Bank, Safeway saves the consumer valuable time and facilitates a smoother shopping experience.

Does Safeway Have ATM Machines?

Safeway does have brown label ATMs by Wells Fargo National bank in their stores since 1997, including their subsidiaries such as Carrs, Vons, and Tom Thumb. These ATMs in Safeway are conveniently located towards the front of the store, allowing customers to deposit or withdraw cash before shopping.

In 2001, Safeway debuted the use of their private bank, called Safeway Select Bank, which began in stores located in Northern California.

The private-label bank was developed to provide customers with free ATM access, attractive rates, and credits towards free groceries.

However, the grocery chain ceased Safeway Select Bank operations in 2003 and is now solely operating through the use of Wells Fargo.

Do All Safeway Locations Have ATM Machines?

Wells Fargo Bank currently operates over 450 mini-branches throughout Safeway stores in Northern California, as well as eight other western states such as Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado.

These all include the use of ATMs. Wells Fargo’s mini-branches are staffed 7 days-a-week for customer convenience.

Wells Fargo has expanded the use of its ATM Machines to include the subsidiaries such as Von’s market, which includes over 300 branches in several other states.

What is the ATM Machine fee at Safeway?

Existing Wells Fargo National Bank customers have access to fee-free ATMs. This includes deposits, transfers, withdraws, and printable account statements.

Non-customers can expect to pay a convenience fee of $2.50 per withdraw, as well as a $2 fee for balance inquiries and fund transfers.

The easiest way to avoid ATM fees at Safeway is to become a Wells Fargo National Bank member. Customers can also ask for cashback up to $100 when making a purchase.

What other Stores have ATM Machines?

Safeway is a parent company with AB Acquisition LLC. This merger allowed Safeway to become a part of Albertson’s, which currently owns and operates stores such as Jewel Osco, Carrs, Market Street, Vons, Tom Thumb, Kings, and Star Market.

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There are several stores outside of the Safeway brand that has ATM Machines as well, such as Wal-Mart, Kroger, Publix, CVS, and Walgreen’s. To find your nearest ATM, use this location finder.

Does Safeway still have ATM Machines?

As of 2024, Safeway has ATM Machines in the majority of their stores. These machines are normally located towards the front of the store next to the customer service area.

There are a variety of different stores, including the retail giant Safeway, that provide ATMs. It’s best to do research depending on what stores in your region provide ATMs for their customers. Fees will vary depending on the banking institution you choose.

When selecting a debit card or store card, always inquire on how much ATM fees will be, and what your withdrawal and deposit options are. By doing so, you can select the card that best fits your needs.