Does Safeway Do Money Orders?

Money orders are a secure and budget-friendly way to send guaranteed funds to a specific recipient locally or internationally.

You can place a money order through most banks, credit unions, post offices, and even at many grocery stores.

Safeway is one of the biggest grocery chain in the US that offers money service such as check cashing, but what about money orders?

Do Safeway do Money Orders?

Most Safeway locations in the United States and Canada allow you to purchase Western Union money orders up to $500, and most Safeway locations charge $0.59 per money order. Purchasing a money order requires placement fees, and the most you can expect to spend on a placement fee is $1.

Safeway requires that money orders be paid in cash, though a debit card may be used at some locations.

Are There Limits on Money Orders at Safeway?

There is no minimum amount on money orders at Safeway. However, there is a maximum cash limit. The maximum cash limit per money order will typically vary by location, but most Safeway locations will allow a single money order purchase of up to $500.

If you find yourself needing a money order that exceeds $500, you can still send your funds. You will simply have to separate the exceeding amount into multiple money orders.

For example, if you desire to purchase a $1000 money order, you will need to separate it into two separate orders at $500 each.

While you will still need to pay the placement fee for each order, the fees are very inexpensive.

Safeway customers often look around the store and ask employee where they can get a money order, and it is not at the register.

Where Can I Buy a Money Order at Safeway?

You can buy a money order at the customer service desk near the front area. A store associate there will help you place a Western Union money order directly and will help answer any questions you may have about the process.

Purchasing a money order at Safeway’s customer service desk is simple and efficient. You can buy a money order at Safeway anytime during their business hours.

What Time of Day Can I Purchase a Money Order at Safeway?

Most Safeway locations operate from 7 am to 10 pm, but different locations may have differing hours, it may be beneficial to call your local Safeway store ahead of time to ensure that you arrive during the customer service desk’s operating hours so that you can purchase your order.

The customer service desk at Safeway will typically be open during the same hours as the store’s operating hours.

How Do I Buy a Money Order at Safeway?

The majority of Safeway locations will only accept cash to purchase Western Union money orders. Some locations may allow you to purchase with a debit card, however using cash will ensure that you can place a money order without difficulty.

After locating the customer service desk at Safeway, the store associate will help you place your money order directly.

Does Safeway Do Money Transfer?

A money transfer is different than purchasing a money order. Money transfers involve sending money locally or internationally by using cash or a debit card.

Most Safeway locations provide money transfer services through Western Union and, like their money orders, are also processed through their customer service desk. To know how much it will cost to send a money transfer, you can use Western Union’s price estimator.

To send a money transfer, you will need specific details like the recipient’s name, address, and their bank routing number.

Does Safeway Cash Money Orders?

Unfortunately, at this time, Safeway does not cash money orders at any of their locations in the United States or Canada.

You can still cash money orders at most banks, credit unions, postal offices, as well as some grocery and retail stores. You will likely have to pay a reasonable fee to cash your money order.

Because Safeway processes money orders through Western Union, you can find your local Western Union to cash your money order. They can help you cash your money order for free and require no accompanying fees.

Does Safeway Still Do Money Orders in 2021?

Safeway still provides money order services in 2021. At your local Safeway store, money orders can be purchased at the customer service desk, whose hours will most likely be the same as the store’s operating hours.

Your local location may have specific guidelines in place to ensure COVID-19 safety protocols are being followed, but customer service desks are currently operating and offering assistance in placing money orders.

At the majority of Safeway locations in the United States and Canada, you can easily purchase a Western Union money order that will allow you to safely send your funds locally or internationally.