Does Safeway Do Cash Back?

Getting cash back from a store while shopping is a convenient and often cheaper option than having to find your bank to withdraw money from an ATM. Many banks also limit how many transactions you can perform in a month and charge fees to use other banks’ ATMs.

Suppose you’re looking to combine your transactions, and you’re caught out grocery shopping without one of your bank’s ATMs nearby. In that case, you’ll likely be wondering if Safeway offers this convenient service.

Does Safeway Do Cash Back in 2024?

Safeway offers cash back via several methods, including at the checkout with a debit or credit card. You can also link your bank account to the Safeway Club Card. Safeway no longer offers check cashing, and does not offer cash back on checks.

All options have different limits and requirements, and there are no fees.

Safeway cash back is available at all Safeway locations. However, depending on the time of day, not all options may be available to you. If you’re not using the checkout, you will need to ensure the customer service desk is open.

What is Safeways Cash Back Policy?

Safeway allows $200 cash back with no minimum purchase at checkout when paying with a debit or credit card. If using your Safeway club card, the maximum is $100 per day, but this is combined with your spending limit, so it could be lower.

Cash back on checks and digital wallets is not officially supported.

If you have reached your transaction limit, you can attempt a new transaction for additional cash back. However, the Safeway club card will not allow this, and you need to wait till the next day.

Where Can You Get Cash Back in Safeway?

You can get cash back from your debit or credit card and Safeway club card anywhere in-store that has a payment terminal. You’ll find payment terminals at both checkout and self-checkout, as well as at customer service.

Knowing you can get cash back at Safeway means that it’s another option available to you while out shopping without needing to find your bank. However, to save time, you need to know exactly where this can be done, especially if you plan to do this with the self-checkout.

How Do You Get Cash Back at Safeway?

Getting cash back at Safeway is simple and done the same way for all options. When you’re ready to pay, you select your payment method.

By choosing a debit, credit, or Safeway club card, you will be directed to the payment terminal. Before you pay, the terminal will ask if you want cash back.

Cash back at Safeway is convenient and straightforward, with different options to choose from. You’ll want to weigh which is the best method for you. Depending on what you have available, you may find it cheaper to use one option over another.

What is the Best Way to Get Cash Back at Safeway?

The best way to get cash back from Safeway will depend on what you have available and the urgency of your cash needs. If you have money on your debit card, that is the cheapest option that provides the most cash back.

If using your Safeway club card, it’s still cheap, but the limits are lower. So if you need more than $100, meet your needs. You can use your credit card to get higher amounts of cash back. However, credit card companies will charge higher interest on cash advances, and this option can end up costing you more but may be your only option.

Without a credit card or money on your debit card, you may need to cash a check to buy your groceries.

Can You Get Cash Back at Safeway with Check?

You can not get cash back at Safeway with a check. Check cashing was previously an option that was discontinued around 2013. You may be able to use a check to pay for your groceries, but policies on checks have always been specific to each store and set by the manager.

Many websites state that Safeway does cash checks. However, there is no official policy on Safeways website about this. When you call stores, they confirm they do not cash checks unless you are an employee.

Even when check cashing was an option at Safeway, it was always left to each store if they allowed it and what the limits were. So it’s likely that today with fewer and fewer people using checks and the ease you can pass bad checks that it’s just not worth it.

With no option to use checks, and if debit cards are not an option for you, the only other possible way to get cash back would be using a credit card.

Can You Get Cash Back at Safeway with Credit Card?

Cash back with a credit card is an option at Safeway. The same limits apply as a debit card, and your credit card must support cash advances and have funds available. Because you are borrowing this money, it’s technically a cash advance and has interest fees associated with it.

With all of the options and services available at Safeway, customers may just want a quick and easy breakdown of cash back at Safeway to ensure they know if it’s an option for them.

Does Safeway Still Allow Cash Back in 2024?

Safeway offers cash back in 2024. You can use your debit or credit card for up to $200 cash back. You can also use your Safeway club card linked to your bank account to get $100 cash back each day. All methods are available anywhere in-store that you can make purchases.

Your best option is to use your debit card at a self-checkout, as this is the cheapest, fastest, and most convenient option.