Does Publix Have a Coin Machine? (Is it Free?)

While Publix does not have a Coinstar coin machine, Publix does have its own Publix Self-Service Coin Counting machine. The majority of supermarket retailers have a partnership with Coinstar Inc. who provides a machine for them.

Publix provides this coin conversion service to their consumers without having a partnership, meaning that you have fewer payout options. However, Publix has a lower fee for choosing to convert your coins to cash.

Does Publix Have a Coin Machine in 2024?

Most Publix stores have a coin machine located near the store entrance. Publix maintains the coin machines themselves, meaning there are fewer payout options than a Coinstar.

However, Publix can boast that their machine has a smaller fee than Coinstar for changing your coins into cash.

What Type of Coin Machine Does Publix have?

Publix has its very own Publix Self-Service Coin Counting Machine. This machine only charges a fee of 9-10% of your total transaction.

It also has fewer payout options for the consumer to change their coins into. Unlike a Coinstar, there is no fee-free e-gift card option to get your money.

Where is the Coin Machine Located in Publix?

The coin machines in Publix are going to be located near the entrance of the store. They are usually in the foyer or near the customer service area.

If you cannot locate the coin machine, any available associate will be able to help you locate the machine.

Do All Publix Locations Have a Coin Machine?

While Publix does not have a partnership with Coinstar, they don’t need to rely on anyone to bring a coin machine to their locations. Publix offers its own coin machines in the majority of their stores.

How Much Does it Cost to Use a Coin Machine at Publix?

The coin machine at Publix is going to charge 9% to 10% of the total transaction regardless of what payout option the consumer may choose. This fee is lower than using a Coinstar, but there is no way to avoid paying this fee.

Unlike Coinstar, Publix Coin Counting Machines do not have a fee-free payout option to choose from. There is going to be a 9% to 10% charge for using the machine regardless of the payout option.

While the fee for getting cash may be less than Coinstar, there is not a fee-free e-gift card option.

How Do You Use the Coin Machine at Publix?

Make sure your coins are clean and dry, then pour your coins into the tray. Lift the handle and guide your coins into the slot. Any rejected coins will spit out into a tray.

Choose your money back option. You can get cashback or an e-gift card for a store like Amazon, Lowes, or Sephora. Publix does also allows you to make a donation to your favorite charity.

After your coins have been counted, you can take your e-gift card, donation receipt, or paper voucher for cash.

Take your voucher to a cashier and they will get you your cash. Make sure that you redeem your cash voucher the same day.

What Other Stores Have a Coin Machine?

If you don’t have a Publix close to you and are looking for a coin machine, most banking institutions will have one. If you’re trying to skip a trip to the bank, you can find a coin machine at your local Albertsons, Kroger, CVS, Walmart, Kmart, Lowe’s, or Win Co. 

Does Publix Still Have a Coin Machine in 2024?

While Publix doesn’t have a partnership with Coinstar, they do offer their own Publix Coin Counting Machine for their consumers to use. This service has a 9% to 10% processing fee which cannot be avoided.

While the majority of supermarket retailers offer a Coinstar which has a fee-free e-gift card payout option, Publix only offers e-gift cards to stores like Amazon, Lowe’s, or Sephora.

They do have a smaller fee for cash back, giving them a slight edge over their competitors. Yet, when it comes down to it, being fee-free is hard to beat.