Does Publix Do Money Orders?

Money orders are convenient if you do not have a checking account as it is similar to a check, and enables you to make payments.  The main difference between checks and money orders is that you pay in advance to receive the money order. 

It is a guaranteed way to pay someone or an entity, and you won’t worry that there could be insufficient funds since they are prepaid. 

Publix is a popular grocery store in states in the South.  It was founded in 1930 in Winter Haven, Florida.  It is widely loved by many Florida residents.

It is the fastest growing grocery store in the United States. It is also the largest known employee-owned company in the United States.  This is a store comparable to Target, Publix is basically the way to go.

There are approximately 1284 stores in states in the South, including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Does Publix do money orders?

Publix does sell money orders, it uses Western Union when purchasing money orders. Publix charges $0.99 for a monye order. The limit on a money order is $500.  So, if you wish to purchase $1000 in money orders, you will need to purchase two. 

Some store locations do allow a purchase of over $1000, which will require a photo ID. You need to pay with cash, or a pin-required debit card, and ca not use a check, gift card, or credit card.

Publix sells money orders at all it’s markets, the one exception is the GreenWise Market stores. You can get your money order from 7:00 in the morning to 10:00 in the evening, Publix is open 7 days a week.

How do I buy a money order at Publix?

Inside Publix stores there are many money services and these services can be found when you visit the customer service desk. Here’s a few of the services, money orders, cash checks, coin counting and ATM.

Go to the Customer support desk, and tell the cashier that you need a money order. You must have your driver’s license, ID, military ID, or a state ID card.

How do I fill out a money order at Publix?

On the document itself, where it says “Pay to the Order of” is where the recipient’s name will be listed.   Your name and address can be listed in the “Sender” or “Remitter” section.

In the “Memo” section you can write account numbers or anything specific to the payment.  Lastly, your signature will go on the line that reads “Signature” or “Purchaser”

Can a Publix Money Order Be Returned? 

Should you need to get a refund for the money order you purchased, if you no longer need the money order or it has become lost or stolen, there is a way. 

Western Union has  step-by-step return instructions.  There is a processing fee involved however, which ranges from $15 to $30.  

Does Publix Do Cash Back? 

Yes, Publix does allow cash back.  When you go to check out, whether at the register or at the self-checkout, you can receive cash back if using a debit card. 

There is no minimum purchase amount required and there are no fees involved.  The maximum amount you can receive is $100 cash back with your purchase.  Publix also has cash back for personal checks.  This limit for personal checks is $25 cash back. 

Once again, there are no fees for this service.  When writing your check out, simply make the check amount out for your purchases plus the additional amount you want for cash back.  You will need to provide a proper photo ID for this service.

Does Publix Cash Checks? 

Yes, Publix does cash personal checks.  They also cash payroll checks, tax refund checks and deposit checks from companies. 

This does require the checks to be a printed check, you would need to ask if a handwritten check would be accepted.

The fees associated range from $3 to $6.  There are maximum limits when cashing a check at Publix.  For a payroll check, the maximum is $500 per week and for a personal check they allow up to $75, one per day.

Regarding stimulus checks, even though they are considered an IRS refund, you may not be able to cash it in most Publix stores.

Does Publix still do money orders in 2024?

Yes, money order can still be purchased for $0.99 at Publix during their normal store hours as of 2024. The limit is up to $500, and if you want to buy a money order over $500, you can just make a separate additional money order.

When you purchase, you also get a step by step guide that tells you what you can do with price limits, and information on fees regarding your Publix money order.

Unlike other stores, you are able to monitor if the money order has been cashed by calling Western Union and providing the money order’s identifying 11 digit number and you can receive this information.