Does Pretty Little Thing Have a Student Discount?

With so many people looking for discounts to save money on items ranging from vehicles to electronics to clothing, the student discount is one that often gets overlooked.

If you shop for clothing at Pretty Little Thing (PLT), then you might be missing out on the student discounts that are available.

As with most companies who cater to those in high school, college, or post-graduate classes, PLT offers a discount through its distributors that provide for even lower prices.

Of course, many of their fashion items are on sale, but the student discount allows for even greater savings. 

Pretty Little Thing offers student discounts with UNiDAYS and Student Beans. Verified students can save on average 10%-25%, and sometimes 50%-70% off on PLT clothing items.

That type of savings can really add up when you buy $100 worth of clothing or more, making it great for going back to school, heading to college, or other changes in your life where a new set of clothing is needed.

Founded in 2012, PLT has become one of the hottest fashion retailers in the world. Based in the UK, Pretty Little Thing creates exceptional fashions for women from 16 to 35 years old.

Owned by the Boohoo Group, PLT is headquartered in London, but sells their fashions in the UK, US, Ireland, Australia, North Africa, and the Middle East.

PLT caters to all sizes and presentations, so that women from the ages of 16 to 35 can find the type of clothing they need no matter the situation.

From casual to party wear, PLT is a one-stop-shop for millions of women seeking the latest styles. 

PLT is considered a trendy fashion company that offers its clothing line at affordable prices. It is this combination of creating new trends while offering low prices that has helped elevate the company in the eyes of so many young women around the world.

Who Can Get This Discount

To pick up the student discount, you will need to be a student. This means having a student ID or other accepted verification that you are of the right age.

If you are in college, seeking a post-graduate degree, in sixth form, or if you are studying for an apprenticeship, then you can apply. .

If you qualify under either condition, then a student discount will apply to your purchase.

Keep in mind that just because you are a student does not mean you get a discount unless you undergo the verification process.

How to Get Student Verified

PLT handles student discounts through the Student Beans portion of its website. This means that to get the code, you will need to log into the Student Beans website, go to the PLT student discount page, click on the “Get Code” button and the code will be sent to you instantly.

To sign up for the code, you need to qualify for the Student Beans account. The process is fairly straightforward.

  • Register online at Student Beans
  • Verify Your Student Status
  • Receive Discount Code

It’s that simple. The process may be somewhat different depending on if you use another site to gain a student discount.

For example, a retail site that sells PLT clothing in your country may have a different process for obtaining a student discount.

The one listed here is for Student Beans, a UK-based site. You may need to check with another retail site depending on your location.

If you have the proper identification, the process may take as little as two minutes. This means that you can verify and receive the code quickly if you have the student ID or apprenticeship number that qualifies for a student discount.

The process may take longer if you need to get the proper identification. Read the instructions carefully and keep in mind that PLT does have a customer service department that can help if you have questions that need to be answered.

Combining Multiple Discount Codes

PLT does not recognize the student discount for its line of Beauty products and all items that are on sale.

This means that most of the discounts will be focused on fashion items and accessories that do not have a discounted price. So, in such cases you cannot use multiple discount codes.

However, it may be possible to use other codes with your student discount. For example, a free shipping code may be combined with a student discount if applicable. But in most cases the student discount code will stand alone.

Please check the website and ask PLT’s customer service department if other codes in addition to your student discount may be used.

If You Have Graduated

Once you are no longer a student, you no longer receive the student discount. This means that you can still take advantage of other discounts, sales, and price reductions that PLT offers its customers.

However, it may be possible to pick up another student discount if you go back to school or engage in an activity such as an apprenticeship that qualifies. You will need to check with PLT to see if you can requalify for a student discount.

Keep in mind that your age may be a factor along with the circumstances, so you may need to check directly with PLT’s customer service to see if you can qualify again.

Given the exceptional savings offered by Pretty Little Thing, a student discount is a nice bonus.

But even if you no longer qualify, you can still save money with the many different codes and sales that are offered daily by PLT.

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