Does Nike Have Student Discount? (Yes, You Can Get 10% OFF)

If you’re a high school or college student, you may very well know how difficult it sometimes is to obtain high-quality supplies at an affordable cost.

Many retailers offer promotions and student discounts along with coupons and sales, and if you’re a student, you should be taking advantage of these generous money savers.

Nike is a popular company that sells high-quality footwear, clothing, and sports equipment. However, as you most likely know, high quality typically means higher cost.

If you’re a student-athlete, you may need to invest more into this higher-quality apparel and equipment. Students are searching online regularly to see if Nike has a student discount, and how much discount do they give.

Nike offers a 10% discount to students who are currently enrolled in school. After verification of your student status, Nike will send you a promo code with an expiration date. You can get a notification of an updated discount code by creating an UNiDAYS account.

To get this Nike student discount, enrollment status will need to be verified by SheerID. Most Nike products are eligible, with the exception of gift cards and Apple products sold by Nike.

You must be enrolled as at least a part-time student and use this discount on orders through their website or app. You can also only use the discount once every 30 days.

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Where Can You Use Nike Student Discount Code

There are only two places you can use the Nike Student Discount code: on their website, and on the Nike app. Note that you cannot use it on the Nike SNKRS app, only the basic Nike app. Because you cannot use the code in brick-and-mortar stores, this means that you will also have to pay delivery fees, which the discount code does not cover.

Some retailers, such as JCPenny, Kohls, and Macy’s, also sell Nike products; however, you cannot use the Nike Student Discount at these online retailers either. Many online retailers may offer their own student discounts, but you will need to reach out to them individually. For example, Finish Line, a popular shoe retailer, offers student discounts of 10% off of all orders of $100 or more. You can purchase Nike shoes here.

How Much is the Nike Student Discount?

Nike is a company that is dedicated to offering sustainably made sports equipment, but also to making positive changes in the communities they serve. Although their shoes and other equipment typically cost more than the average retailer, they frequently offer generous discounts to students. This may be especially beneficial for those who play high school or college sports.

The typical Nike student discount is 10% off all eligible items, once you’ve gone through the process of verifying that you’re actually a student. Currently, Nike has raised their student discount to 20% off all eligible items for a limited time. Occasionally their discount is raised to 25%, so you should keep an eye out for these brief increases. Until then, you should take advantage of the 20% promo while it is still available.

This discount means that you can currently save $20 for every $100 you spend in Nike apparel or equipment. This can make a big difference for students, who typically don’t have the income to afford extremely expensive, high-quality sports equipment or running shoes. Considering that the majority of Nike products sell for higher than $130, and the average men’s shoe costs around $70, this can save you a lot of money.

Sometimes, that discount goes even higher. You can also use the discount every 30 days, meaning that you can use this promotion multiple times throughout the time span that you are a student.

How to Get the Nike Student Discount

To get the Nike Student Discount, you must follow a series of specific steps. First, visit the Nike website. You will need to either sign into your UNiDAYS account, or create a new one if you have never made one before. You will be prompted to select your institution by first selecting your country of origin, and then beginning to type your school’s name. It should pop up at the top of a list.

Afterward, they will ask you information about your year in school and the length of your degree. They will ask you to input your school email address, and this is how you will verify your enrollment. They will send an email to your school address, and you will verify it through there.

You will then need to verify your age and student position with SheerID, a third party company that performs identification checks. All you will have to do here is input basic information such as your name, birthday, phone number, and the name of your school.

Once verified, you will be sent a unique student discount code that you can use on any online purchase within the Nike website or app. You will need to use it within two weeks, or it will expire and you will have to go through the process all over again. You will apply the discount code at checkout, and it will take 20% off of all eligible items, minus the delivery fee and taxes.

How to Get New Updated Student Discount Code

You can expect Nike to consistently offer a 10% off student discount on all applicable purchases. However, sometimes that discount goes up to 20 or even 25%, and you may want to be on the lookout for when this happens. You can always do this by simply checking their website frequently, or performing a regular Google search. However, you may also want to sign up to receive new information.

For starters, when you create your UNiDAYS account, it will give you the option to sign up for email notifications. This website will send you emails containing information regarding discounts, particularly if they are items you have purchased before. If you check this box while signing up, the next time the Nike Student Discount increases, you will receive an email about it.

You can also sign up for Nike’s newsletter, which will send you updates as to when products go on sale or discounts and promotions increase or are renewed.

Nike Student Discount Requirements & Limitations

There are some additional requirements and limitations you should keep in mind before attempting to use the Nike Student Discount. First of all, if you are not actually a student, you will not be able to fool the system into thinking that you are. Everyone attempting to sign up for the discount must have their enrollment status verified through a third party called SheerID, who will verify your age and where you go to school.

To use the discount, you must also be currently enrolled in either high school or college. Fortunately for students, you can be at any level in your college career, from a freshman to a doctoral student. Additionally, the discount also applies to part-time students, so if you are enrolled in even one college class, you will still be eligible.

The code is also only available for two weeks after it is generated, and then it will expire, so be sure to use it promptly. It cannot be redeemed in brick-and-mortar stores, only through the Nike website or their app. Finally, you can only use the discount once every 30 days. Each time you use it, you will have to go through the same process over again, where you verify your ID and are issued a new code.

Key Takeaways

Nike is one of many retailers to offer a generous student discount on their products. Although you must verify your identity as a student, this is an opportunity worth taking advantage of if you are in high school or college and enjoy Nike apparel or equipment. With a current discount of 20% off most of their items, this can save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

  • The typical Nike Student Discount amount is 10% off of all eligible items, so if you miss the 20% discount, you can still order with the 10% one.
  • The discount changes a few times a year. Although the general discount is 10%, sometimes it goes up to 20% or even 25%, so keep an eye out.
  • The discount only applies to items purchased through Nike. You cannot use the promo code at other retail locations. Other retailers may sell Nike products, but you will need to see if that retailer offers their own student discounts.
  • You can only use the discount through the website or app, and cannot use it in their brick-and-mortar store.
  • The discount is not applicable to gift cards, non-Nike items sold through Nike (such as Apple products), or delivery fees.
  • In order to use the discount, you must first verify your identity as a student. This may mean filling out some forms or giving them your school email address.
  • You can use the discount if you are a high school or college student, even if you are only enrolled part-time.
  • You can use the discount once every 30 days.
  • Your code will expire after 14 days if you do not use it within that time frame.
  • Each time you wish to use the discount, you must go through the process again and generate a new promo code.
  • To get news and updates about student discounts, sign up for email updates through UNiDAYS or directly through the Nike newsletter.