Does Netflix Have A Free Trial? (Everything You Need To Know)

Netflix, the most popular streaming service in the world, does not have any deals concerning its prices. They offer flat monthly rates based on the quality of video and resolution you desire and how many devices you wish to stream on at the same time.

The only way to sign up for Netflix is from their online website. You have to have an email address to set up an account with and choose what plan you want before entering in your payment information. You can change your mind on your plan choice or cancel anytime by returning to the website.

Does Netflix Have A Free Trial?

Netflix no longer offers a free trial for their service. They offer three different payment options, basic, standard, and premium. The level of resolution and how many devices can utilize it at the same time depends on the plan you choose. You can change your plan or cancel it at any time.

In 2020, while the pandemic took streaming to an unprecedented level, Netflix ended its long-standing offer of a free trial month with their service, which was incredibly popular and drove new business to the service. It had been eliminating free trials in countries outside the US since 2018.

A few streaming services ended their offers for free trials. When movies that were originally set to be released in theaters had to be released on streaming, they realized that this would bring people flocking to their service, but that free trials might lead to a loss of revenue.

Did Netflix Ever Have A Free Trial Before?

Netflix had offered a free month unlimited trial since 1999 before they even began streaming services. When the free trial period first started, Netflix was still in the business of renting DVDs by mail. The free trial was a marketing tactic used to introduce their new subscription services, which charged one monthly rate for unlimited rentals.

In 2007, the world of technology had finally caught up with Netflix’s idea of streaming movies over the internet, and they launched their streaming service with video on demand. The free trial offer came along with it. The convenience of on-demand streaming and a free trial attracted a growing subscription base and allowed Netflix to begin releasing its original shows in 2013.

Why Doesn’t Netflix Have A Free Trial?

After years of offering the first seven days free or even the first month free, Netflix decided to nix its free trial offer. They did this, as they stated, to seek out new marketing strategies to attract new members. Netflix eliminated its free trials quietly, not giving any warning for the change.

Netflix did not give any straightforward reasoning for this decision. However, Disney+ had ended its free trial offer a few months prior and began releasing Disney movies and Marvel movies that would have been shown in theaters if not for the pandemic.

With big moves like these from the competition, a new marketing approach was inevitable.

Does Netflix Have Plans For A Free Trial In The Future?

Netflix has no plans on bringing back a version of their free trial offers at this time. With the investments that Netflix has been making on original films and shows available only on their service, it seems that offering free trials to attract new members is not high on their priority list.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Get Netflix?

The cheapest way to get Netflix is the only way to get Netflix. The streaming service has now arranged it so that you can only obtain access to their movies and shows by signing up for an account on their website. The cheapest option is the Basic option which costs $8.99 monthly, has only 480p resolution, and is only available to play on one device at a time.

Netflix also warns that some content is not available in all resolutions. Alternatively, they also offer a Standard package, with is running for $13.99 per month, includes 1080p resolution (better picture quality), and is available to screen on two devices at a time. The Premium offer is $17.99 per month, includes 4K + HDR, and you can use it on up to 4 devices at one time.

What Are The Netflix Alternatives That Offer A Free Trial?

Hulu, one of Netflix’s main competitors in the streaming game, has a 30-day free trial. They promise thousands of movies and shows with no advertisements. After the 30-day trial, they charge just $12.99 per month, but also have a plan where you can watch with ads for just $6.99 a month.

Disney+ ended its offers for free trials in June 2020, just a few months before Netflix did the same. Considering Disney+ was not the only place you could see newly released movies from Disney and Marvel, not many were surprised when they eliminated the option to see them for free.

AppleTV is now offering a 7-day free trial, followed by a flat monthly rate of $4.99 per month. This is one of the lowest costs of the streaming services, where you get only Apple original movies and shows.

Does Netflix Have Have Free Trial in 2022?

Netflix ended its free trials in October of 2020 and does not have plans on bringing it back anytime soon. They do promise you can cancel anytime or switch to one of its three different plans without fees. Netflix is seeking out alternative marketing strategies to attract new members.

Perks of subscribing to Netflix:

  • Unlimited access to thousands of movies and TV shows
  • Download on smartphone, tablet, or computer for offline viewing
  • Original movies and shows made exclusively for Netflix
  • Get new movies and shows every month

Cons of subscribing to Netflix:

  • Higher monthly price than some competitors
  • Some content is only available in certain countries
  • TV shows are usually a season behind real TV
  • No free trial