MoneyGram Money Orders Guide

MoneyGram does offer money orders for around $0.70. You can purchase a money order at a MoneyGram kiosk or money services register. At partnering CVS locations, you can purchase a money order at the register.

You can also set up a money order purchase online and have the money order ready for pick-up at your nearest MoneyGram location.

Most MoneyGram locations can be found in CVS, Walmart, and other retailers. A list of MoneyGram stores can be found on the MoneyGram website so you can find the location nearest you.

Money orders cost less at a MoneyGram location than they would at a bank or check-cashing service provider, making it a cheaper alternative for customers.

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What Time of Day Can I Buy a Money Order at MoneyGram?

MoneyGram hours of operation are dependent upon the store that the MoneyGram center is located within. As long as the store is open,

You can only purchase a MoneyGram money order during normal business hours, which may vary depending on the store.

Check with your nearest MoneyGram store to ask about the business hours for their MoneyGram services.

How Do I Buy a Money Order at MoneyGram?

You can buy a MoneyGram money order online and pick it up in a store location, or have it delivered. Customers can also purchase money orders in-store at all available MoneyGram locations.

Once you arrive at the MoneyGram kiosk or money services center at a participating store, simply inform the cashier that you would like to purchase a money order and let them know the amount you’d like to purchase.

You can also check the status of your MoneyGram money order online or in-store.

Are There Limits on MoneyGram’s Money Orders?

You can only purchase up to $1,000 in money orders at MoneyGram locations nationwide. If you need additional funds, you may have to wait or visit another MoneyGram location.

While MoneyGram money orders do not expire after their purchase, you may accrue a small monthly fee that is deducted from the original amount of your money order until it is cashed or used.

To learn more about the fees and limits associated with a MoneyGram money order, you can take a look at the back of your money order.

Does MoneyGram Cash Money Orders?

Some MoneyGram locations might cash money orders purchased through MoneyGram, though it is not clear whether MoneyGram charges fees for this money order cashing service.

Customers that need their money orders cashed should check with their local MoneyGram location to see if the service is available.

Alternative places to get your money orders cashed at include Walmart, which charges a $1.00 fee to cash money orders. Other stores, banks and financial institutions may cash money orders as well.

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Does MoneyGram Still Do Money Orders in 2024?

While banks and check-cashing services can charge outstanding fees for money order services, a cheaper alternative in 2024 to purchase a money order is MoneyGram.

MoneyGram only charges around $0.70 for the purchase of a money order in amounts up to $1,000.

Being one of the nation’s largest money order service providers, MoneyGram services are available at thousands of locations, including ACE Cash Express and CVS Pharmacy.

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Purchasing a money order at a MoneyGram can be done multiple ways and there is no expiration to a purchased MoneyGram money order, making it an easy, secure alternative for customers.