Does Michael Kors Accept PayPal?

Michaels Kors the well know fashion brands accepts many forms of payment at its physical stores as well as online.

These include your brick-and-mortar bank cards and cheques but now in the era of smarter and safer banking they also accept PayPal.

Does Michael Kors Accept PayPal?

Michael Kors does accept PayPal as of 2024. You can use a QR code and the PayPal app on your smartphone at the checkout. You can also use PayPal through Michael Kors online presence by selecting it as your payment method upon reaching that stage of the checkout.

Michaels Kors Stores: These are the physical on the high street locations which you can walk into and purchase in person. These stores accept PayPal in certain aspects but check with induvial stores before heading. This is Michael Kors online presence; it is here where they accept a larger variety of PayPal’s products and other buy now pay later services such as Klarna.

Michael Kors Click and Collect: This is also on the Michael Kors online section, however, when purchasing through this service you will have to go to a brick-and-mortar store to pick up your purchase. This service does however give you the opportunity to utilise the extra payment services available through the website.

What Types of PayPal does Michael Kors Take?

Payment MethodMichaels Kors StoresMichaelKors.comMichael Kors click and collect
PayPal on Google Pay NFCNoNoNo
PayPal QR CodeNoNoNo
PayPal Cash OutYesNoNo
PayPal CheckoutNoYesNo
PayPal Cash CardYesYesYes
PayPal PrePaid MastercardYesYesYes
Apple PayYesNoYes
Google PayYesNoYes

How to Use PayPal in Michael Kors Store

When in a Michael Kors location you can pay by PayPal at the checkout. It is worth noting however that you must have a PayPal account setup for this to work and the account must either be funded or linked to a bank account that is.

Not all Michael Kors locations do accept PayPal in their physical stores so it may be worth checking with the individual store before you make the trip out.

Upon arrival to the checkout ensure you tell the employee you will be paying with PayPal; this allows them to configure their till to allow PayPal transactions.

Once all your items have been rung up the checkout assistant will instruct you to scan a QR code through the PayPal app. This QR must be displayed on a screen Infront of you.

After the QR code is scanned, you will simply tap pay on the app and the transaction will go through. Please ensure you get a receipt as your PayPal receipt won’t count as proof of purchase.

How to Use PayPal on

While shopping at Michael Kors online using PayPal is extremely simple. Once your basket is full of the items you wish to purchase simply click proceed to checkout. Next you will need to input your personal details as well as a delivery address and the postage you wish your parcels to be sent with. Following this stage it will ask you for a payment method, at this point you will need to select PayPal.

A popup or separate tab may open if you are using a desktop PC laptop, on a phone the PayPal app may open. The separate tab should display a login to PayPal, simply login to your PayPal account and tap authorise purchase. The purchase will now be complete, and the order should be making its way to you.

How to Use PayPal on Michael Kors Click and Collect

When using Michael Kors click and collect you will be going through the same process as using Michael Kors online. Once you have filled your basket up with your purchases and wish to pay you will select proceed to checkout.

After you have inputted your personal details, you will need to select collect from instore, then you will need to select your preferred store for collection.

Following this it will give you two options whether to pay on collection or to pay now. Please ensure you check with the select store to ensure they take PayPal.

If you choose to pay now online, you will follow the same steps as buying products online with PayPal as highlighted above. If you chose to pay in store you will need to use the app and the QR code again as described above.

Michael Kors Payment Options

If however the Michael Kors store you go to does not accept PayPal for any reason all Michael Kors shops accept the following:

  • American Express
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • All major debit cards (including international Cards)
  • Gift cards
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay