Does Meijer Cash Checks?

Although the internet has been developed to make all the bank transactions over mobile phones, the majority of people still rely on traditional check-based transactions. 

Meijer, a supercenter chain, provides check cashing service to customers who are unbanked and in need of financial aid. In essence, the article covers Meijer’s Check Cashing Policy, the process involved in Check Cashing, its fee, and its limit.

Does Meijer Cash Checks in 2021?

Meijer does offer check cashing service during their business hours as of 2024. You can do this at their customer service counter, and the fee is typically $3 to $5. There is a $1000 limit for cashing personal checks, and $2000 limit for government checks.

Customers need to go through the Certegy Verification system by registering and wait for seven days for the process to be completed. The next step followed after successful verification is photo identification or proof of employment.

Meijer still follows strict security measures in cashing checks to prevent and reduce fraudulent activities. But Michigan- based Meijer stores offer a free cash check service for the members of Meijer Credit Union.

What Types Of Checks Does Meijer Cash?

As per Meijer’s official website, the most preferred type of checks acceptable at Meijer stores is as follows.

  • Personal Checks
  • Business/Organizational Checks
  • Traveler’s Checks

What Kind of Checks Does Meijer Not Cash?

There are certain types of checks that are not accepted in the Meijer store.

  • Post-dated Checks
  • Hand-written Payroll checks.
  • Cashier’s Checks
  • Money Orders
  • Third-party Checks
  • Starter Checks.

How Do You Cash a Check at Meijer?

For cash checking service needs, you must go to a Meijer store near you using the Meijer store locator.

After you get into the store, visit the customer service desk and inform your purpose of visit. The next step is signing up for the verification process. 

The check must be electronically signed to authenticate your need to cash the check.

Once the verification is approved you will be asked to return after seven days. You can get a cash check at any location you prefer.

A valid form of photo identification or proof of employment is required due to security reasons and to reduce fraud. Either Military or State issued IDs are accepted in Meijer. The cash is provided after going through these steps.

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When Can You Cash a Check at Meijer?

The working hours of Meijer store are between 6 am to 12 am and some of them even operate 24 hours. You can get the cash check whenever the store is open.

But it is better to ensure the business hours of the store location, especially during holidays, as the operating hours vary in every store.

How Much is the Fee to Cash a Check at Meijer?

Every grocery or retailer stores charge a particular fee for the customers who need to cash a check that differs from each store. 

Walmart charges fees that range from a few cents to below $6 for personal checks, below $4 to $8 for non-personal checks.

Meijer store charge fee that ranges from $2.99 to $4.99 but does not exceed above that.

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What is Meijer’s Check Cashing Limit?

The check cashing limit of the Meijer store is $1000 for personal checks and $2000 for government checks. If the customer’s check is above this limit, the check needs to be divided into two in order to get the cash.

Here is a quick comparison table of the fee and limit against other stores:

StoresFeeCheck Cashing Limit

Additionally, you can see our articles and learn more about the check cashing fees and limitations of other stores:

Can I Cash a Check at Meijer?

You still cash a check at Meijer anytime during their business hours. Once the identity of the customer is verified, the cash will be provided right away with a limited fee.

If you need more cash during your visit to Meijer, you can go to their ATM machines or use their cash back service at the register.

The store is open beyond the regular banking hours which makes it easy for purchasers to cash a check whenever they require money rather than visit the store during the work schedule.