Does Lowe’s Install Ceiling Fans?

Ceiling fans are a popular choice for increasing airflow, functions as lighting fixtures, and adds to the aesthetic of a place. While a ceiling fan does not really reduce the temperature, it does circulate conditioned air and offers awesome cooling.

As a result, many homeowners consider it an option in battling the summer heat and an excellent way to save electricity. These are just a few of the numerous reasons why you might want to install a new ceiling fan or replace an existing one.

However, when your ceiling fan is installed incorrectly, there could to problems in the future like having a flickering light, noisy operation, wobbly ceiling fan, overheated motor, and ball bearing issues as a result of faculty connections wiring.

These issues could cost you a lot more money. To avoid these issues, many homeowners seek expert help when having their ceiling fans installed or replaced.

After buying your ceiling fan from Lowe’s, you have been wondering if you can get such expert service from the popular superstore, then read on below for answers to many questions you may have.

Does Lowe’s Install Ceiling Fans?

Lowe’s does offer a ceiling fan installation service. They work with professional independent installers who are licensed, insured, and background-checked. Lowe’s has reasonable pricing that will fit your budget and your project with these professionals.

Lowe’s labor warranty covers ceiling fan installation, and it’s accessible through independent contractors that are licensed and registered where necessary. With Iowa’s ceiling fan installation service, you can avoid the worry and uncertainty that comes with using unskilled labor to install new or replace ceiling fans.

How Much does Lowa’s Ceiling Installation Cost?

If you want to use Iowa’s service to install a ceiling fan, the fee will vary depending on whether it’s going into an existing position or replacing one. On the other hand, Iowa’s ceiling installation service typically costs between $100 and $250 with the local professional contractors it hires.

When Lowe’s replaces an older model with a modern one for you, it will need far less labor and materials, resulting in a total cost of approximately $100. Due to increased material prices, installing a fan in a location where there was previously no fixture might cost closer to $250.

The price difference between these two varieties also relies on when you buy them; winter sales typically imply cheaper costs, while summer sales usually mean higher prices due to increased client demand.

Remember that these installation rates only apply if you do not purchase the fan from Lowe’s. When you buy it from them, you’ll almost always get free installation.

Installation and replacement of ceiling fans above 10 feet may incur extra fees. But be assured that you’ll be getting the best quality service from these professional installers from Lowe’s.

How To Get The Free Lowe’s Ceiling Fan Installation

If you buy ceiling fans from Lowe’s, they will install them for free. The installation process generally begins with you selecting a fan from their current inventory.

Before leaving the shop, an employee will schedule an appointment for you and have you sign paperwork to confirm the installation time slot.

A local, insured, and licensed business will do the installation. You won’t have to worry about anything because they’ve been allowed to work under Lowe’s name.

Can You Pay Less For Lowe’s Ceiling Fan Installation?

If you’re looking for a new ceiling fan, keep an eye out for Lowe’s special offers throughout the year. You never know what type of bargains they’ll throw in your direction.

Before you install any fan, check their website for current deals and discounts. Particularly during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Other times of the year, you can get good deals, discounts, and price cuts when you purchase this Lowe’s ceiling fan installation service include during the holidays, new year ceiling fan clearance sales, among others.

It pays to compare ceiling fan costs if you’re seeking the most excellent deal. Before making a purchase, shop around and acquire at least three quotations from different hardware stores.

Many local electricians through Lowe’s will let you buy your fan from wherever you choose and install it at a far lower price than you would pay if you got it elsewhere. Hence you can install ceiling fan yourself or get expert help.

Overall, if you have your heart set on a model that is the cheapest at Lowe’s or is only available in their shops, having them install it would be the most cost-effective alternative, as the installation is generally free.

If you discover a cheaper model that you like somewhere, you’ll typically get a better deal if you buy it from a different retailer and then hire Lowe’s expert to install it for a modest charge.

How Lowe’s Ceiling Fan Installation Works

Add installation to your cart for the ceiling fan of your choice, make sure it’s the appropriate size for your area, and then check out on after you’re done.

If you’re buying in-store, you’ll be able to visit an electrician.

If you ordered online, you might book an appointment with the expert through email or phone call after making your purchase.

Additional accessories, such as wiring, reinforcing kits, and downrod extensions, may be required in addition to your ceiling fan installation. You can speak with a Lowe expert to ensure you have these items from the appointment.

Your independent service provider will:

  • Remove any old ceiling or wall fixtures; unpack and examine the new ceiling fan.
  • If necessary, do basic assembly
  • Install the new unit and connect it to the existing electrical box.
  • To guarantee proper operation, do a test.
  • Clean all packaging and materials relevant to the task

Ceiling Fan Sizes For Different Rooms

 Your ceiling fan should be the correct size for your space when you buy it and install it. As a result, you should consider this even before making your purchase to ensure the most fabulous cooling experience and safety.

  • A fan with a blade diameter of 29 to 36 inches is required for rooms of 75 square feet.
  • Choose a fan with a blade diameter of 36 to 42 inches for rooms of 76 to 144 square feet.
  • Choose a fan with a 44-inch blade diameter if the room is between 144 and 225 square feet.
  • Use a fan with a blade diameter of 50 to 54 inches for rooms ranging from 225 to 400 square feet.

Does Lowe’s Install Ceiling Fans? 

Yes, Lowe’s collaborates with independent local professionals who are verified, insured, and have had their background checked to install ceiling fans for homeowners. The pricing ranges between $100 and $250, but the price can go higher for installing and replacing ceiling fans above 10 feet. Lowe’s will install ceiling fans that you purchased from its store or elsewhere.

Their labor warranty also guarantees the ceiling installation, and you can get the service for free if you purchased the ceiling from them.

However, you could also watch out for periods like Christmas and thanksgiving as they are the best times of the year to get huge discounts on your ceiling fan purchase as well as ceiling fan installation whether you bought from them or elsewhere.