Lowes Rewards Program (What You Need to Know)

Rewards programs are exceptionally common in almost any store these days, and there is tough competition for consumers spending dollars. Hence, stores need to entice customers to stay loyal to them with some kind of benefit that makes them want to keep coming back.

Stores like Home Depot offer rewards programs targeted towards pros and even have discount programs for personal customers. So it makes sense that Lowes would also have a rewards program to compete with Home Depot and other home improvement stores.

Does Lowes Have A Rewards Program? 

Lowes offers a pro benefits program that has limited benefits and requires you to sign up your debit or credit card to the account before using it. Once you sign up, you will get an initial welcome package.

The Lowes rewards program is only available to businesses, and using it for your personal projects is prohibited by their terms. However, signing up is easy and can be done online or through their customer service desk in-store.

Home DIYers will not be able to receive any benefits from Lowes, so they will likely want to look to other stores like Home Depot to at least get some discounts for personal use.

How Lowes Pro VIP Program Works

As a Lowes Pro VIP member, you won’t be receiving points towards discounts or gift cards. However, you will receive exclusive deals related to your business through the mobile app, which you can use online or scan at checkout.

So unlike other programs, the Lowes Pro VIP program is relatively limited and only provides discounts at certain times and only related to what they think would be used within the business you’ve selected.

So it would be essential to pick the correct type of business when registering your account. Otherwise, you may receive offers for things you can’t use. 

Your other problem, of course, is not knowing what offers may be coming and if they’ll ever be relevant to you. So keep an eye on the offers, and if something appears that you may need in the future, it would be worth buying now and storing. 

Lowes Pro VIP Program Perks

The perks and benefits available to Lowes Pro VIP members are limited. However, it’s still worth signing up for the program as it’s free, and you may receive discounts sporadically.

  • Exclusive offers based on your business type
  • Purchase history of up to 2 years
  • Access to rent pro tools
  • A welcome gift package consisting of a bucket, water bottle, and hat.

As you can see, there are no points or accumulated rewards of any kind, so you won’t be receiving free items or gift cards if you purchase at Lowes with this rewards program.

What You Can Get with Lowes Pro VIP

You will not be able to accumulate points or rewards in exchange for anything specific. The primary benefit of the Lowes Pro VIP is exclusive offers targeted to your business type. This means the offers will change and may not always be available.

The only problem you face is you don’t know what offers may even be coming. They are not discussed on the site, so you can’t even determine until you sign up and start watching them if they’re worth anything to you.

The only way to accumulate points or get cash back on your purchases would be to sign up for one of their credit cards. However, this is not free and can have other impacts that may not be worth it for you to sign up.

This type of rewards program is not the best option for retaining loyal customers. However, Lowes may consider their everyday prices reasonable enough to keep you coming back.

How Much Are Lowes Points Worth?

Unfortunately, Lowes rewards program does not provide points or specific rewards. So there is no guaranteed value in signing up for the program.

Your only potential value comes from the discounts available through their mobile app, which may or may not be relevant to what you need to purchase at the time.

How to Redeem Lowes Rewards

Lowes rewards will be made available to you through their mobile app. These rewards will include discounts or promotions against various items, which will change throughout the year or even be different every week.

You can review your offers in the mobile app and then purchase online or in-store. Just ensure that you are logged in online or scan your mobile app membership before making a purchase.

Does Lowes Give Annual Rewards? 

Lowes does not provide any kind of annual rewards, all rewards, benefits, and discounts are changing continuously. 

You will not receive cash back, gift cards, or any kind of yearly bonus for being a loyal Lowes customer. However, not many home improvement stores are offering annual rewards of any kind, so this is expected of Lowes.

Does Lowes Still Have the Pro VIP membership in 2024?

Lowes does have a rewards program called Pro VIP; this is exclusive to businesses and may not be used for personal purchases. However, the benefits available to companies are pretty minimal, so it won’t be a significant concern to anybody making personal purchases at Lowes.

If you’re a business that uses Lowes anyway, then signing up is worthwhile to get any kind of discount or deal available. It’s free, and you may save some money, though nothing is guaranteed with the membership program.

If you need to rent professional tools, then the membership will be required to access the higher-level tools you’ll need for professional jobs.

Overall the Pro VIP membership is only worth it if you want professional tools and the hope of a discount that relates to you. 

The Lowes rewards program is lacking when compared to other similar programs offered by home improvement stores such as Home Depot.