Does Kroger Have Notary Service? (Answered)

While grocery stores wouldn’t be most people’s first thought for notary services, Kroger has started to become a full-service store offering much more than the standard grocery items that are the core of their business.

They provide complete money-related services via their money services section, so people may wonder if Kroger can help them with notarization.

Does Kroger Have Notary Service?

Unfortunately, Kroger does not offer their own notary services. However, they do have UPS stores in many of their stores, and UPS does offer notary service. The cost for a UPS Notary at Kroger is approximately $15-$30.

You can confirm if your local Kroger has a UPS store in your area by going to the UPS website. You may also get better rates if you book the service rather than walking in to get it done.

Knowing that your local Kroger store may offer this service, you’ll want to verify because walking in without confirming may result in disappointment.

Which Kroger Locations Doesn’t Have a Notary?

Not all Kroger locations have a UPS store in them. Therefore, you will need to call your local Kroger, UPS, or check the UPS website to see if your local Kroger provides this service. Don’t just walk in hoping; otherwise, you may be disappointed.

Kroger has been working with UPS since 2019 and is rolling more UPS locations out to their stores as the need arises.

So considering it’s been two years now, you may have luck, especially if you are in a larger city.

Customers may be annoyed that Krogers doesn’t officially offer this service and want to know why they are partnering with UPS which may not be in all locations.

Why Doesn’t Kroger Offer Notary Service?

Notary services are not a typical service that grocery stores provide. For example, it would require that Kroger has a licensed notary on-site at all times, which may not be possible to have scheduled all the time.

However, because they are partnering with UPS, they can offer the service without being directly responsible for it.

It would be unlikely that Kroger ever offers notary services in their stores while they are partnering with UPS. This is because the requirements are just too high to deal with as a grocery store.

The money services section of Kroger could take on this responsibility if UPS ever leaves Kroger.

Suppose your local Kroger doesn’t offer this service. In that case, you may be irritated and look for other well-known stores that will provide notary services to you.

What Other Stores Can I Get Notarized?

Once you’ve confirmed that your local Kroger does not have a UPS, you will need to find other well-known stores that may offer this service. Below are three well-known stores that do offer this service, so at least one should be close to you.

StorePriceLocal Finder URL
UPSNot listedCheck for locations
Walgreens$15 per documentCheck for locations
CVS$15-$30 per documentCheck for locations

With the knowledge of where to go, you likely want to know exactly what you need to bring. Do you just turn up, and they sign it, or will you need other documents to get this done?

How Do I Get Notarized at Places Other than Kroger?

If you’re going to a large store for notary services like Kroger, you don’t have to book in advance, but you will likely get a lower fee if you make a booking first.

You will need to bring two pieces of identification, and at least one must be a state or federal photo identification card.

Your document must be complete. You can’t get an incomplete document notarized; otherwise, you could write other details in later that the notary did not confirm.

Once you’ve got everything ready that you need and the document you want notarized, you’ll need to determine which store is best for you, including how expensive each store is.

How Much Does a Notary Service Cost?

If you only need one document signed and one person to sign it, you can expect to pay around $40-$60. If you need additional signatures, you can expect to pay an additional $10-$20 per signature.

Many stores that add notary services as a value-added service will charge lower fees. Looking at Walgreens and CVS, you can get something notarized for as little as $15=$30. This is generally because the store is just offering it as an added service rather than the main business.

Suppose you really can’t find a notary in your area, or you simply don’t have time to go in. In that case, you may wonder if anybody offers online notarization services.

Can I Get Notarized Online?

Some states allow online notary services; however, the document you need notarized may need to be digital and never have been printed or in an offline format. You will likely join a web conference so the notary can see you and talk to you about your document.

Can You Get Notarized at Kroger?

Kroger does not offer direct notary services, but many stores have a UPS store available. If your local store has UPS, then they can provide notary services for you.

You can walk in and get the service, or you can call to book so that you can confirm the service is available that day; you may also get a cheaper rate if you book.

The going rate for stores that don’t offer this service as their primary business charge lower fees of around $15-$30, so are often better options if the work you need is basic.