Does Kroger Have Coin Machine? (Is it Free?)

Coin machines are a convenient way to turn your loose change into cash so you can more easily spend it. Most people do not want to hand over a large number of coins at a cash register, and coin slots on self-checkout machines have a limit on how much you can put in.

Many grocery stores and general retailers offer various extra services so that they become a one-stop shop for your needs. Coin machines are often included in these additional services as the grocery store hopes you will spend the cash with them.

Does Kroger Have Coin Machine?

Kroger does have Coinstar on all of their locations. It is normally located near the customer service area, and you can get your coins counted for 11.9% of the total amount. Kroger has been offering this service to its customers for more than 20 years.

Kroger says the service is provided to make your day easier so you can turn all your loose change into cash and then buy your groceries.

Most people expect grocery stores to have a coin machine available, and it’s one of the few places outside of banks that offer this type of service.

Banks require that you roll your coins, and even some are starting not to provide the service anymore. Coin machines, you can just throw your coins in and get them counted.

There are generally two types of coin machines that companies use. The free kind that simply turns your coins into cash that banks also use. Then there are paid coin machines that charge a fee or percentage for their service.

What Type of Coin Machine Does Kroger Have?

Kroger has partnered with Coinstar to provide this service. Coinstar lets you drop all of your coins into a grate in the machine, and it will then sort and count your coins. Anything that isn’t American currency will be returned to you.

If any of your coins are particularly dirty, you will need to brush the dirt off.

Coinstar is fully automated and will give you a receipt for your coins which you can then take to Kroger customer service to exchange for cash. The whole process is supposed to be easy and quick for you.

Where is the Coin Machine Located in Kroger?

The coin machine is located on the side of customer service. This location makes it convenient and quick to count your coins and then have customer service exchange your Coinstar receipt for cash.

Kroger generally tries to keep their store layouts the same. So that when you enter a store you’ve never been to before, you still know where everything is located.

There may be some slight differences, but things like customer service will always be easy to find.

Do all Kroger Locations Have Coin Machine?

Kroger offers Coinstar at all of its stores. Coinstar is a standard service they provide. Customers expect these types of services to be in any Kroger store they go into. The only time you wouldn’t find a Coinstar at a Krogers would be if the machine was damaged and off for service.

Krogers has entered into an agreement with Coinstar to provide these machines to all of their stores. But because this is a third-party service, it’s not a free service to customers, as Coinstar wants to make money.

How Much Does it Cost to Use Coin Machine at Kroger?

Coinstar charges a minimum of 11.9% of the coins you put into the machine. Retailers can add additional costs on top of this. However, Krogers does not charge extra fees to use Coinstar. They are just hoping you will use the cash at their store.

So if you put $100 in change into a Coinstar, you will be charged $11.90, which is relatively high just for counting coins.

However, most people accept the fee in exchange for the convenience of the service. Though if there were a way not to be charged the fee, most customers would be a lot happier.

Is There Any Way to Avoid Coin Machine Fee at Kroger?

Coinstar machines offer three options once your coins are counted. First, you can get a receipt to exchange for cash. Second, send your money to a charity. Your third option is to get a gift card that has no fees associated with it.

The gift cards are to a limited number of stores. Krogers is not an option for a gift card, so if you specifically want to buy groceries or other things from Krogers, you need to pay the fee.

Whether you opt for the cash receipt or the gift card, the Coinstar machine is used in the same way, and you’ll either receive a receipt for cash or a gift card printed out.

How Do You Use Coin Machine At Kroger?

Pour all of your coins into the coin tray on the front of the machine. The Coinstar machine will start counting the coins and give you a running total of how much it is and the fees being taken.

Once you’re finished, let the machine know on the touch screen, and you will get your payment options.

If you select cash or gift card, then a receipt will be printed. For cash, you need to take the receipt to customer service, and they will exchange it for money. With the gift card, you keep the receipt and use it at the store you want.

If you don’t have a Krogers near you but need coin-counting, you’ll have to find another grocery store that offers this service.

What Other Stores Have A Coin Machine?

  • Your bank, but you’ll likely need to be a customer and preroll the coins.
  • Walmart
  • CVS
  • Meijer
  • Albertsons
  • Kmart
  • WinCo

Does Kroger still have the coin machine?

All Kroger stores offer coin-counting via a Coinstar machine, which you can find at customer service. You can opt to get cash, gift cards, or donate to a charity.

If you take the gift card option, you will not be charged fees, but there are no Kroger gift cards, so cash is your only option to buy anything in Krogers, which has an 11.9% fee.