Does Kroger Have ATM Machines? (Answered)

Krogers is a well-known grocery store and general retailer that likely have more locations than your bank.

Kroger has been offering many additional services in the hopes of bringing more customers into its stores. So it makes sense they would have an ATM for you to use.

Does Kroger Have ATM Machines?

Most Kroger stores have ATM machines available in the money services section of the store, which is located at the front of the store. The ATM machine will either be an independent or bank-owned ATM. Independent ATMs have a $400 limit, and bank-owned machines have an $800 limit.

Kroger introduced a comprehensive money services center back in 2010 to ensure their customers didn’t need to go anywhere else to withdraw money and increase foot traffic into their stores.

With different fees at different ATMs, customers likely have concerns about what type of ATM machines are available at Kroger.

What Type of ATM Machines Does Kroger Have?

Most Kroger locations have a money services center on-site, which uses the independently operated Allpoint ATMs. In some locations that don’t have a money center, a bank ATM will be available so you can still withdraw money.

With different ATMs at different stores, customers may be confused about where they can access the ATM machines and don’t want to spend time walking around the store looking for the ATM.

Where is the ATM Located in Kroger?

Most Kroger stores have a money services center located at the front of the store, which will have the Allpoint ATMs accessible. Where a money center is not available at Kroger, the ATM will also be close to the front of the store but will be next to the customer service desk.

Customers may become irritated with the different services at different locations and want to ensure they will have an ATM accessible no matter which Kroger location they go to.

Do all Kroger Locations Have an ATM Machine?

All Kroger locations have an ATM, and most will be Allpoint independent ATMs available through the money services center. If you want to ensure the location you are going to is equipped with one, you can check online to confirm. If a money services center is not available, you will still have access to a standard bank ATM.

Customers may be concerned that different locations will have other ATMs and they may be getting charged high fees for withdrawing money, which is a valid concern when the money services center is an independent business looking to make money.

What is the ATM Fee at Kroger?

Depending on the type of ATM you use at Kroger, you may be charged a $2 fee for withdrawing cash. Your bank may also charge you a fee for withdrawing from an ATM out of their network. If you withdraw high amounts from the money services center, it will cost you $3.50.

Kroger added fees to their check-out cash back program in 2019 as well, so that has not been a free option since then.

They indicated this was due to banks starting to charge higher fees, and while they wanted to continue offering this service, a fee was now needed.

Customers are likely frustrated with this fee as Kroger is supposed to be making this service convenient but then turn around and charge fees. Customers want to avoid extra fees when they’re already spending a lot of money at Kroger.

Is There Any Way to Avoid ATM Fees at Kroger?

You can avoid fees from the Allpoint ATMs if your debit card is enabled in the Allpoint network or you use your 1-2-3 rewards card, and considering the rewards card is free, that should be the option you take.

If your local Kroger has a bank ATM, then you can confirm if your debit card is within the network, and then you should not have fees associated with withdrawing money.

You would need to verify which bank the store uses and then check with your bank if there are fees on that network.

If you don’t have access to an Allpoint ATM, you can get up to $100 cash back from the checkout for a 0.50 fee, but over $100 will cost you $3.50.

Withdrawing money directly from the money services center has higher withdrawal limits but the same $3.50 fee.

What Other Stores Have an ATM Machine?

It is generally free to withdraw money from your own bank, so it’s likely a better option to go there if you have one close by.However, if you don’t have time and must withdraw money from a store ATM, you can go to these other stores to withdraw money. However, you will find similar fees charged for the convenience.

  • Walmart
  • CVS
  • Meijer
  • Albertsons
  • Kmart
  • WinCo

Does Kroger Still Have ATM Machines?

All Kroger locations have ATM machines, either independent Allpoint or a bank ATM. If you have access to an Allpoint ATM, then your fees are waived if your debit card is within their network or if you use your 1-2-3 rewards card.

If you don’t have access to an Allpoint ATM, then you can get up to $100 cashback from checkout for a 0.50 fee which is lower than other options at Kroger.

The 1-2-3 rewards card is free to sign up for and can be set up and used on the same day, so the best option would be to sign up and then withdraw. As long as you need less than $400 this should be a good option.

If you need more than $100, finding another location or going to your bank directly to withdraw the money will make more sense, as higher withdrawal amounts at Krogers can cost you up to $3.50.