Does Kroger Have A Reward Program?

Any store looking to keep customers loyal will be offering some type of rewards program so that customers keep coming back and spending their hard earn cash with them instead of a competitor.

Kroger is a major grocery and retail chain in almost every city in America. So you can practically guarantee that they have some type of loyalty program. However, the big question will be, is it worthwhile, and should you bother signing up.

Keep reading to get all the details you’ll need to decide if Kroger has a reward program worth your time, effort, and loyalty.

Does Kroger Have A Rewards Program?

Kroger does have a rewards program called the Plus Card which offers deals and promotions, gas discounts, and points. You can also sign up for community rewards, which provide your favorite community organization with money. 

Kroger implemented the Plus Card back in 2003, and in 2010 they partnered up with Shell Gas to use your points to buy gas, which is different from most stores that offer points towards products in-store. You can also redeem points for gas at Kroger and Tom Thumb gas stations.

There is also a community rewards program that you can enroll in so that some of your favorite local organizations can receive donations from Kroger. There is no cost to you, but any spending you make will contribute towards donations to the organization you select.

You can apply in-store for your Plus card or sign up online for a digital account and then use the mobile application to check balances on your fuel account and check for promos and discounts in your local store.

The Kroger Plus Card is surprisingly complex, and the information online is limited. So customers may be confused about how it works and what they get.

How Does Kroger’s Plus Card Work? 

The Kroger Plus Card allows you to have a physical card or a digital account attached to the mobile app. You will accumulate gas rewards to be used at Kroger, Tom Thumb, and Shell gas stations. You will also be given discounts and promos to use in-store or online. The mobile app is the easiest option to use to view all of the information.

With each purchase you make, you accumulate points that can’t be redeemed in-store, which is different from other rewards programs. You will only be able to use your points for gas purchases.

Because the rewards can only be used for gas discounts, customers may be frustrated and want to know what other perks or benefits they get from the card. As not everyone has a car, so won’t be able to use the reward points.

What Are the Perks of Kroger’s Plus Card? 

The primary perk or benefit to the Kroger Plus Card is your ability to accumulate points to be used for gas at various service stations. However, there are additional perks that you will get, just not as high value.

  • Sign up for community rewards to send donations to your favorite local organization
  • Access to digital coupons and discounts via the mobile app
  • Standard membership savings on various products throughout the year

The benefits outside of gas are a little limited but still worth signing up for a free account if you will be shopping at Kroger. You’ll get some discounts and coupons. 

What Can I Get with Kroger’s Plus Card?

Your Kroger rewards card is best used when you want to buy fuel at discounted rates, and it’s pretty worthwhile if you have a car and make large purchases at Kroger.

Points expire at the end of the month of when you earned them. So ensure that you don’t get a bunch of points you can’t use at the end of the month. Timing your groceries and gas purchases will be essential to get the best out of this program.

Type of PurchaseFuel Points
$1 in Groceries1 Fuel Point
$1 in Gift Card Purchases2 Fuel Points
Non-Federally Funded Prescriptions25 Fuel Points
$1 Prescription Purchase1 Fuel Point
Every 90-day Prescription75 Fuel Points

Customers interested in using their fuel points may still be confused about what a fuel point is actually worth.

How Much Are Kroger’s Points Worth?

Your only option for the Kroger Plus Card when redeeming points is against gas purchases. When you spend, your money is converted into fuel points, and then you use your fuel points for money off your next gas purchase.

At Kroger and Tom Thumb gas stations, 1000 fuel points are worth $1 off per gallon, which can be done in 100 fuel point increments. So you may not get a whole $1 depending on how many points you use. This is up to a maximum of 35 gallons.

At Shell gas stations, 100 fuel points are worth 10c off per gallon.

How Can I Redeem Kroger Rewards?

To redeem your points, you can scan your card at the pump or enter your card number. This will then prompt you about using any points you have.

To get your other benefits in-store at Kroger, you can show the coupons on your mobile app and of course, make sure you scan your card for discounts on any products.

Does Kroger Give Annual Rewards? 

Kroger does not offer any annual rewards on their program, and as mentioned, the points you accumulate on your card must be used in the month they are earned. 

Does Kroger Still Have the Plus Card in 2021?

Kroger has a free rewards program you can sign up for. However, this is different from many other programs where your points are not redeemable in-store and can only be used for fuel purchases. So if you’re not buying gas, then the program has limited benefit to you.

You still get discounts and promotions for using your card in-store, which is still worthwhile when the program is free. You can also signup to have your purchases used to make donations to a local organization.

Kroger also offers several paid programs that give better points and discounts, which may be why their Plus Card is limited. They would prefer you pay a yearly membership fee to access the better rewards programs. These are linked to your bank account or through a Kroger credit card.