Does Kroger Accept Apple Pay?

Contactless payments have become the norm as almost all retail stores accept such payments. These include methods such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and much more.

The trend began many years ago, and now more stores are offering this method. It is there to offer ease to customers.

If you think if Kroger accepts Apple Pay, here is what you must know about it.

Does Kroger Take Apple Pay?

Unfortunately, Kroger does not take Apple Pay as a contactless payment method. Kroger began experimenting with NFC technology last year. However, they still do not accept Apple Pay.

You can only use conventional forms of payment at the retail store. For example, there are more than three-thousand Kroger locations in the U.S.

However, Kroger is not offering Apple Pay in even one of those locations. Of course, the retailer has its reasons for not taking Apple Pay yet.

Why Doesn’t Kroger Take Apple Pay?

Kroger does not take Apple Pay because it has its own payment method. Their mobile payment solution is known as Kroger Pay, and the retailer introduced it in 2019.

The best part is that it works like any other mobile payment technology. So, you can use your phone to pay, be it an iPhone or Android.

While using Kroger pay, the app will create a QR code for you. After that, you can scan the QR code and transmit payment from your phone to the store in no time.

Many customers also speculate that Kroger was offering Apple Pay before introducing Kroger Pay to their system.

Did Kroger Ever Take Apple Pay Before?

Kroger has never taken Apple Pay, and it is highly likely that they will not offer this payment method in the future. That is because Kroger has its own mobile payment solution that customers love.

Kroger Pay makes payment easier for customers, and it also offers Kroger membership and reward cards. Because of this, the experience of payment has become much easier in no time.

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Many brands have developed their own digital wallets as it costs less than offering third-party retailers such as Apple Pay. Customers also wonder if they can pay through Apple Pay on online orders of Kroger.

Does Kroger Accept Apple Pay For Online Orders?

Unfortunately, Kroger does not accept Apple Pay for online orders. You can use conventional payment methods or Kroger Pay for online orders to make the payment process easier.

Kroger Pay works just like Apple Pay does, and all iPhone users can make payments through this digital wallet. You can also collect points and rewards by opting for this payment method at Kroger.

Kroger has no official statements as to when they will introduce other mobile payment methods. However, it is highly likely Kroger will not introduce these payment methods because of Kroger Pay.

There are other contactless payment methods you might be able to use at Kroger.

What Other Contactless Payment Does Kroger Take?

Kroger accepts contactless payments such as Kroger Pay and Scan, Bag, Go. The Scan, Bag, Go technology allows customers to scan the groceries using their smartphones and pay through the Kroger app.

You can also use Kroger Pay and make payments in no time through your iPhone or Android smartphone. Besides that, Kroger accepts other payment methods.

These include debit and credit cards, personal checks, cash, Amex, and Discover. So, if you don’t want to pay through a contactless payment method, you can opt for these payment methods in no time.

On the other hand, you can also visit stores that offer Apple Pay to customers.

What Other Stores Take Apple Pay?

Other stores that take Apple Pay include Target, Walgreens, Aldi, Ace Hardware, Staples, and much more. You can pay through Apple Pay at these stores because they accept contactless mobile payments.

You can also order online using Apple Pay at these stores, as the payment method is also available online. You can visit the stores and use Apple Pay by opening your Apple wallet on the NFC machine.

The machine will scan your Apple wallet and accept the payment method. It only takes a few seconds for this payment method to work, making it a breeze.