Does Kohl’s Sell Scrubs? (Answered)

Kohl’s is the second-largest department store chain in the United States, offering a variety of affordable uniforms for professionals in the healthcare, public safety, and service industries.

Healthcare, dentistry and veterinary professionals typically purchase scrubs from nationwide specialty stores like Scrubs & Beyond and Uniform Advantage. Kohl’s, Walmart, and Target occasionally carry standard scrubs in-store for medical professionals who don’t perform surgery or who don’t need any customizations or embroidery.

Kohl’s is known for offering affordable clothing for men, women, and children as well as a wide selection of electronics, kitchenware, home décor, toys, and shoes.

Department stores like Kohl’s do not typically keep scrubs in stock. Instead, Kohl’s offers a limited selection of scrubs to purchase online at

Does Kohl’s Sell Scrubs?

As of 2021, Kohl’s does not sell scrubs in the majority of its brick-and-mortar stores. Kohl’s only carries scrubs in store if the local manager decides to keep them in stock. The best way to browse and buy scrubs from Kohl’s is on their website.

If you purchase scrubs online from Kohl’s and they don’t fit, you can return them unworn to any nearby Kohl’s store.

Some location managers in cities with a nursing school nearby decide to carry scrubs printed with the school’s logo. However, in general, store managers will direct customers to the Kohl’s website where they will find scrubs made by affordable brands that are ready to ship directly to the customer.  

What Brands of Scrubs Does Kohl’s Sell?

Kohl’s sells scrubs made by Jockey, WonderWORK, and Meta LabWear. Among Kohl’s entire selection of scrubs available online, Jockey is the brand that offers the most classic options for both men and women.

Jockey makes unmarked, fitted scrubs in darker colors as well as in a few jewel-toned colors.

Kohl’s WonderWORK selection is dedicated to scrubs with university emblems printed on or embroidered into the fabric. Some students enrolled at local nursing schools purchase these scrubs to wear as part of their uniform on patient-care days.

Kohl’s offers only one product from Meta LabWear—a white lab coat that can be worn over a full set of traditional scrubs.

What Type of Scrubs Does Kohl’s Sell?

Kohl’s sells nursing scrubs, maternity scrubs, and lab coats on the store’s website. Kohl’s does not carry the green or teal surgical scrubs required by hospitals and clinics that regularly perform surgery.

Many employers and programs do not allow medical professionals to wear the branded scrubs found at Kohl’s because they require scrubs in specific colors to differentiate between healthcare provider roles.

The selection of scrubs available at Kohl’s is designed to be used by medical professionals in a non-hospital setting like an independent clinic, in-home patient care, veterinary office, or dentistry office. Kohl’s limited selection of available scrubs cannot be found in most of its brick-and-mortar stores.

Where In Kohl’s Can I Find Scrubs?

Generally, Kohl’s does not carry scrubs in stores. Scrubs can only be found in stores when an operating manager sees a need for scrubs in the local community (i.e., a nursing school nearby, the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, etc) and decides to keep them in stock.  

To view all scrubs available for purchase from Kohl’s, browse and buy scrubs on Kohl’s website to have them shipped to your home here:

Can I Buy Scrubs from Kohl’s Online?

Kohl’s full selection of scrubs for healthcare, dentistry, and veterinary professionals is available to purchase online. Customers can place an order online to ship and process any exchanges in person at their local Kohl’s store.

To make it easier for customers to purchase scrubs online and try them on at home, Kohl’s allows returns for scrubs by mail or in-store. If you need to return scrubs by mail, you might have to pay for shipping.

Can You Return Scrubs To Kohl’s?

You can return unused, unwashed scrubs, and unworn scrubs by mail or at your local Kohl’s store. As of November 2021, you must return scrubs within 180 days of the original date of purchase. Kohl’s accepts mail returns for items purchased from, but you might have to pay a shipping fee.

If you purchased scrubs in-store from one of the few Kohl’s locations that keep scrubs in stock, you cannot return them by mail. You must return scrubs that were purchased in-store to your nearest Kohl’s.

The small, in-store selection and limited availability of Kohl’s scrubs incentivize customers to purchase their scrubs from a specialty uniform store that makes it more convenient for customers to shop for scrubs in person.

What Other Stores Sell Scrubs?

Two specialty store chains offer a large selection of scrubs in stores so that customers can shop in person throughout the United States:

  • Scrubs & Beyond
  • Uniform Advantage

The most reliable place to purchase scrubs is online from specialty stores. Here is a list of brands that operate specialty online stores that were well-reviewed by nurses and other medical professionals:  

Due to the limited in-store availability of scrubs at Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, and other department stores, you are unlikely to find a Kohl’s that carries scrubs in store.

Can I Still Buy Scrubs at Kohl’s in 2021?

Unless a Kohl’s location is near a nursing school, you will not find a Kohl’s that carries scrubs in stores in 2021. You can always purchase scrubs from Kohl’s website and have them shipped to you.

Some Kohl’s locations increased their availability of in-store scrubs prior to 2021 due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but Kohl’s does not consistently keep scrubs in stock to purchase in person.

The most popular brand of scrubs found at Kohl’s—Jockey—offers a few classic options for healthcare, dentistry, and veterinary professionals on the Kohl’s website.

In 2021 and 2022, the most reliable retail options for customers needing scrubs are online specialty stores. Most nursing professionals and other healthcare providers rely on online retailers to purchase their scrubs since they have a better selection of high-value, durable scrubs than department stores like Kohl’s.