Home Depot Rewards Program (What You Need to Know)

Almost every store is fighting to keep customers from going to their competitors. One of the primary ways of doing this is to provide rewards programs that give perks and benefits to loyal customers. Often the more you purchase, the better your benefits become.

Home Depot is a major chain with many small and large competitors such as Lowes, so keeping your business is vital to them. Therefore, it would make sense for them to provide some kind of reward program to make you want to buy from them.

Does Home Depot Have A Rewards Program? 

Home Depot does have a rewards program called Pro Xtra for personal use and business use. You can get between 0.5% to 4% back and gift cards between $25 to $2000 based on how much you spent.

The personal rewards program is limited and offers some promos and discounts, so it would be better to sign up for the business rewards program if you are spending a lot of money.

The Pro Xtra rewards program was started in 2012, any business can sign up, but your benefits are limited to minimal discounts and promotions until you start spending more money. The more money you spend, the more perks and benefits you will get.

To sign up, you simply need to register online, which will ask you to pick a personal or business rewards program. You pick either, and if you decide later to move from a personal to business membership, then it’s simple to do online.

Customers interested in the program will need to understand how to use, so they aren’t wasting time or missing out on available benefits.

How Does Home Depot’s Pro Xtra program Work? 

Every time you make a purchase online, ensure you are signed in to your pro account, and when purchasing in-store, you will need the mobile app to scan your account when checking out.

Every purchase you make earns you points and rewards that accumulate in your account. Once you reach certain levels, you will earn discounts and other rewards. The more you spend, the more your points are worth and the more you save.

To get the most out of the rewards program you need a thorough understanding of everything that you can get and all the perks available to you.

What Are the Perks of Home Depot’s Pro Xtra program? 

Home Depot’s Pro Xtra program has a lot of benefits, especially if you’re making a lot of purchases throughout the year. It’s especially beneficial if you run a business and are making bulk purchases.

  • Buy paint each quarter and receive 0.5-20% back in rewards.
  • Earn gift cards from your points earned each quarter
  • Get exclusive membership offers
  • Get discounts on bulk purchases
  • Price match guarantees
  • Rent pro tools

Customers interested in these perks will want to know exactly what you get with the rewards and gift cards.

What Can I Get with Home Depot’s Pro Xtra program? 

With the Home Depot Pro Xtra program, you won’t receive specific items back; you will earn discounts as well as gift cards on your quarterly purchasing. How much you spend each year will also determine what tier and amount you accumulate in points.

Your points will be totaled every quarter, and a gift card will be provided to you to purchase anything in-store or online. So the more you spend, the bigger the gift card will be. 

Amount PurchasedTierReward % Collected
$0 – $9,999Silver0.5%
$10,000 – $49,999Gold2.0%

Any amount you are purchasing will go towards points, but as you can see, your points and how many you get can increase the more you spend. 

How Much Are Home Depot’s Points Worth?

All tier levels of points are worth the same, and the only difference is how many points you get for your purchases. This is based on your yearly spending, so if you keep your spending up throughout the year, your tier won’t get reset or downgraded.

Amount SpentTierGift Card Amount

So as you can see, the benefits increase a lot the more you spend. This may not always be worthwhile to you, but if you are a business or have a big project coming up, then it’s certainly worthwhile to join and get gift cards to use later.

How Can I Redeem Home Depot Rewards?

Using your rewards program and points is simple. Any instant benefits such as discounts or promos will be applied at checkout when you scan your mobile app or use your online account.

For gift cards, you will receive an electronic gift card to your email at the end of each quarter, which you can use in-store or online by entering the gift card number or scanning the code provided.

Does Home Depot Give Annual Rewards? 

Home Depot doesn’t provide annual rewards. However, your purchasing is tracked throughout the year, and if you continue to keep your spending above certain limits, you will keep the benefits of the tier you are on.

This means that if you keep your spending above $10,000 every quarter, you will stay in the Gold tier for points the entire year and going into the following year. So your tier won’t be reset.

Does Home Depot Still Have the VIP Xtra program in 2021?

Home Depot does have two rewards programs. The personal rewards program is worthwhile if you purchase minimally and just want some added discounts when available. The Pro Xtra program is free to sign-up for, and you need to identify as a business to use it.

If you’re spending a lot of money every year or even just for a short period of time, then the Pro Xtra program is going to be an excellent option for you to receive discounts but also to receive gift cards for a percentage of your purchases.

You’ll also get even better perks if you’re spending a lot of money on paint every year, so painters will definitely want to sign up.