Does Home Depot Accept Return without Receipt?

So you bought something at Home Depot, and it wasn’t quite what you expected, but you don’t have the receipt to return it.

We’ve all been there! Many popular stores accept returns without a receipt; however, they do have strict policies about no receipt returns.

You can always go in-store and ask for details, but it’s good to know what things you can return without a receipt and what you need to bring with you before you head to the store in person.

Home Depot will accept returns without a receipt for store credit. If you do not have a valid sales receipt, you may get a refund in-store credit at the value of the lowest price from the last six months on that item.

For purchases over $1,000 in cash, you can get a refund in check from the Home Depot corporate office.

Questions about returns without a receipt can be directed to Home Depot customer support at 1-800-525-5000.

So, if you want to get the most value back on your return watch for sales and try to return it before it goes on sale.

Note that you should return items to Home Depot within 90 days anyway. This is not only good for Home Depot but also the sooner you return it, the less likely it is to go on sale and get you a smaller refund.

However, not every item can be returned at Home Depot. Some things like major appliances, gift cards, and purchases over $1,000 cannot be returned.

Detailed below is everything you need to know about returning merchandise to Home Depot without a receipt.

Requirement for a No Receipt Return at Home Depot

Generally, Home Depot requires you to bring the item with a copy of your receipt or shipping confirmation email, the credit card you used to purchase it and a valid government issued ID, like a driver’s license.

Non-receipted returns need just a valid government photo ID. Home Depot uses a third party to verify your ID, and returns are subject to the third party’s verification. Additionally, typically the merchandise must be new and unopened.

How to Return at Home Depot without a Receipt

To get a return started at Home Depot, first make sure that the item you want to take back is eligible for return. Check out the list below for what you can return at Home Depot without a receipt.

Then, take your unopened item to Home Depot with a valid form of a government issued photo ID. You can go to the customer service desk and start a return. Returns without a receipt will be refunded as store credit.

What Can be Returned Without a Receipt

Items returned to Home Depot without a receipt must be products that they still sell in the store.

Home Depot accepts returns on almost all new, unopened items without a receipt that are under $1,000 and not listed on their no returns list (see below for the full list).

Additionally, some items, like paint, have a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee which are always eligible for a return or exchange. Here is Home Depot’s official return policy on paint:

Home Depot has a satisfaction guarantee on their regular paints. If you do not like it, you can bring it back within 30 days and exchange it for a comparable color.

What Can Not be Returned Without a Receipt

Generally, you cannot return items that are opened or used to Home Depot. Even lightly used merchandise can be denied a return but it is up to the store manager or customer associate whether or not to accept gently used items.

Home Depot does not accept returns or refunds on certain items including the following:

  • Major appliances
  • Gift Cards
  • Store credit
  • Custom or tinted paint
  • Custom blinds (unless sold as “Guaranteed to Fit”, and then you can exchange them)
  • Whole house and stationary generators
  • Anything that has been used or cut
  • Utility trailers
  • Cut flowers and floral arrangements
  • Services like labor, delivery or installation
  • Product samples

Does Home Depot Accept Returns from Other Stores?

Home Depot does not accept returns from other stores. You can only return items at Home Depot to the original location where you bought the item.

Additionally, if you purchased an item from a third-party marketplace seller, you cannot return it to Home Depot. You must return items ordered from marketplace sellers to the selling party.

Is There a Restocking Fee for Home Depot Returns without Receipt?

Home Depot may charge a restocking fee for special order returns of up to 15 percent. If you are unsure if an item qualifies as a special order, then ask the sales associate if it qualifies as a special order before purchasing or see the special services desk.

For most items, however, Home Depot does not have a restocking fee.

Can Home Depot Look Up a Cash Receipt?

Home Depot can look up receipts in their system. However, they can only look up receipts paid with a credit card, debit card or check and their system only keeps the receipt information for 90 days after the purchase.

Home Depot also may be able to look up your receipt with your phone number if you have a rewards account.

But if you have a Home Depot credit card or commercial account then you can look up a receipt up to 365 days after the purchase. And, you have that full time to make a return for a full refund.

Deadline to Make a Return at Home Depot

Returns at Home Depot are limited to 90 days, regardless of if you have your receipt or not. And, some items are limited to a 30-day return. Those include the following:

  • Furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Area rugs
  • Generators
  • Gas powered equipment
  • Tractors
  • Consumer electronics like TVs and computers
  • Paint

However, if you made a return with one of Home Depot’s credit cards or accounts then you get up to 365 days to receive a full refund. Any of these accounts will work:

  • The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card
  • Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge
  • Home Depot Commercial Account

How Many Times Can You Make Returns at Home Depot?

Home Depot does not have a limit for how many returns you can make without a receipt. However, store managers do reserve the right to accept or deny a return.

Their photo ID identifier will flag their system that you have made many returns.

While Home Depot does not state how many returns you can make without being flagged in their system, Walmart offers a similar system that flags an ID after three returns within 90 days.

Additionally, returns must be made within 90 days of purchase. And since you can only return items to the original store where the purchase was made, the service desk associates may start to recognize repeat customers after a while, and they have the right to deny a return.

Home Depot’s policy is that if you are blacklisted for attempting too many returns, you will need to wait approximately one year before making returns again.

According to some Home Depot customers, they have been told that you have a limit of $1,000 worth of merchandise to return within a year.

When Will You Get Refund at Home Depot

According to Home Depot’s website, you can get your money back for a return instantly. For returns with a receipt, you can get your refund either in cash, credited to your account, or refunded as store credit.

Typically, refunds will be returned to the original form of payment but if you used a gift card or store credit then your refund will come only as store credit.  

Additionally, if you do not have the original receipt then Home Depot can only offer you store credit. And, unfortunately, Home Depot will only refund you the amount of the lowest advertised price.

For cash purchases over $1,000, you can also get a check refund from the Home Depot corporate office. Speak with a customer service agent if you have questions about returns on merchandise over $1,000.  

Can You Return Items to Home Depot Without a Receipt?

Even without a receipt, Home Depot will accept your return if you can prove your purchase. If you used a credit card on your purchase, Home Depot will help you look up your purchase history. If you are unable to prove your purchase, home depot will give you store credit.

If a purchase can be verified as of 2021, returns without a receipt are allowed. To verify a purchase, customers must present a valid photo ID at the store.

Home Depot is fairly lax on their return policy, letting you return any items you are unsatisfied with regardless of how recently you made another return.

Home Depot lets individual managers make the call on most in-store returns.

However, if customers abuse that policy, then individual stores or even the chain will implement tighter return rules, affecting all customers returning items.

  • Returns at Home Depot without a receipt require a valid, government issued photo ID.
  • There are some items, like major appliances, gift cards and custom paint that you cannot return at Home Depot regardless of if you have the receipt or not.
  • Returns without a receipt can only be refunded as store credit.
  • Home Depot refunds the lowest price on an item within the last six months (including sales) for returns without a receipt.
  • If you have any additional questions or need assistance, call Home Depot customer support at 1-800-525-5000.