Does FedEx Sell Stamps? (Answered)

Many people go to the post office to get stamps for mailing stuff. However, some retailers like Walgreens also sell stamps.

FedEx is a globally famous shipping company that offers various services. If you’re looking to learn more about their stamp policy, you’re in the right place. Below is all the information you need.

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Does FedEx Sell Stamps In 2024?

FedEx is one of the best shipping companies in the US that does not sell stamps. This is because their business is about mailing packages for you. You will have to visit other places such as the post office, retail stores, pharmacies, and much more to purchase them.

The shipping company has many stores in the US and elsewhere. However, they do not sell stamps at any of them. You cannot find single or stamp booklets at FedEx.

If you’re wondering why the store doesn’t sell stamps, you no longer have to. Here is what you need to know about it.

Why Doesn’t FedEx Sell Stamps?

The primary focus of FedEx is the shipping industry. This is one of the reasons why they don’t sell stamps. The role of this store is to offer you different ways of mailing stuff.

Besides that, when FedEx mail stuff for you, they put their own stamps on it. This is why they don’t need to sell the USPS Forever stamps like other chains.

Many companies used to sell stamps in the past but then stopped doing so. Are you wondering if FedEx has done that too? If so, you should read the next section.

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Did FedEx Sold Stamps Before?

FedEx is a major shipping company that has sold stamps in the past. They offered this service at all of their locations until 2017.

After that year, they sold stamps at only particular locations. However, now you will find them at any of the FedEx locations.

FedEx has stopped selling stamps entirely due to various reasons. One of the primary reasons is that retailers have to sell USPS stamps at the same rate as the post office.

Because of the same rates selling stamps does not bring many profits. This is because they are already inexpensive.

Besides that, many people do not use the traditional mailing ways anymore. This is because of the digital era and technological development. That is why many shipping services such as FedEx do not sell stamps.

Does FedEx Have Alternative Solutions To Stamps?

The shipping company does not sell stamps but does offer alternatives to them. FedEx allows you to mail stuff within the US and internationally as well.

Typically, the company does not sell postage stamps because they have their own stickers. So they do not require you to put the US Forever postage stamps on the package.

The best part about FedEx is that it offers international delivery, and the rates vary depending on the destination. However, the prices fall in a reasonable range.

Besides that, the company also offers printing services at all of its locations. You can use FedEx to print posters, cards, resumes, menus, postcards, and much more.

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What Other Stores Sell Stamps?

FedEx does not sell stamps, but many other stores in the US do. Typically, you can visit your nearest post office to get the stamps. This is the most prevalent option in the US.

Besides that, you can go to retailers such as Walmart and Albertsons. They both sell different types of Forever stamps. The best thing is that they have the same rate as the post office.

You can also visit pharmacies such as CVS to fulfill your stamp needs as well. They offer the same ones as the postal office.

The significant thing you should note is that retailers sell stamps at the same price as the USPS. This is why it does not matter much from where you get your stamps.

Does FedEx Sell Stamps In 2024?

FedEx is no longer selling stamps at any of its locations. However, they do offer alternative solutions. For example, you can use the company to mail packages to different places with ease.

Postage stamps can be purchased from many retailers at the same price as the post office. This is one of the reasons why FedEx no longer sells stamps.

If you want stamps, you should look for alternatives. The best way to get them is by going to your post office.