Does FedEx Have A Reward Program?

Customers are expecting to be rewarded for being loyal to companies they spend money with, and many companies are offering some kind of rewards program for this reason. Rewards programs can range from very basic with minimal benefit to highly valuable rewards; it all depends on how much the company wants to keep your business.

FedEx is in a highly competitive market for both personal and business customers, with many shipping companies to choose from. So you would expect FedEx to be doing something to keep customers loyal and provide rewards for their hard-earned money.

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Does FedEx Have A Rewards Program? 

FedEx does offer a rewards program called My FedEx Rewards to customers that have a valid shipping account. You can get various products, gift cards, and discounts of up to 70% off on shipping.

This excludes personal customers that just go to a FedEx store to send a few packages a month or year. Anybody with a valid shipping account can sign up, and this can be done on their website.

The Program is called My FedEx Rewards and was launched in 2015 to offer smaller businesses a way to earn a little something extra for their loyalty to using FedEx.

Both personal and business accounts are eligible to sign up, and signing up requires a shipping account which gives you the added benefit of shipping discounts. However, gaining points when you’re not shipping a lot will be challenging.

How Do My FedEx Rewards Work? 

Once you’ve signed up for a My FedEx Rewards account, you will be able to log in to the site and see several offers that you can select.

The offers available to you would be something like, if you complete 10 FedEx ground shipments and/or 10 FedEx international ground shipments, you will receive a $10 gift card from the selection available on the site.

So instead of accumulating points, you pick a reward and work towards getting that reward. It can be good to have a goal to work towards, but can be a problem if your shipping requirements change.

As an example, if you have previously been doing ground shipping, but now your customers want faster air shipments, then your reward may no longer be possible. 

What Are the Perks of My FedEx Rewards?

The primary benefit of My FedEx Rewards is your ability to select rewards and work towards getting them through eligible purchases. In addition to this, you will also get discounted shipping of up to 70% through the shipping account.

Outside of those two benefits, you will not receive anything else through the My FedEx Rewards program.

What Can I Get with the My FedEx Rewards program?

The My FedEx Rewards program offers a variety of products and gift cards that you can select through the rewards program website. These rewards will change as time goes on, so you’ll need to sign up and review what is available.

The rewards are consumer-grade products or gift cards, so many be of little benefit to a large business unless they decide to offer the products to employees as a small perk.

How Much Are Fedex’s Points Worth?

FedEx offers rewards in a different way than many other programs. Instead of getting points, you set goals, and if you reach those goals, then you get the reward you selected.

In the example above, you have selected a $10 gift card, requiring you to purchase ten ground shipments over whatever period you want. So if you can do it all in 1 day, then you’ll get a $10 gift card.

What’s interesting is that it’s not based on a dollar amount. So you could be sending ten cheap ground shipments, or you could be sending ten expensive ground shipments. So a customer that sends many small and cheaper shipments will often see more benefit with the program.

How Can I Redeem FedEx Rewards?

First, you need to signup for My FedEx Rewards, which is simple and only requires you to provide your details and shipping account information.

Once you’ve signed up, you will be provided with several offers you can select, and these offers set a goal you must meet and tell you what reward you want to get from that goal.

Your shipping account is linked, so all purchases you make will be accumulated against your account, and once you hit the goal, then your reward will be emailed or shipped to your business address.

Does FedEx Give Annual Rewards? 

Neither FedEx nor the My FedEx Rewards program offers any kind of annual reward. Therefore, your only option is to select your offers and hit your reward targets.

These rewards do not expire, so they can be accumulated over a year or more, give can go towards an annual reward for one or more of your employees to use.

Does FedEx Still Have the My FedEx Rewards program in 2021?

FedEx has the My FedEx Rewards program, which anybody with a shipping account can participate in. Anybody can benefit from the program, and this is done two ways, discounts on shipping and rewards from their catalog of products.

Personal shippers that don’t need to ship often or even want a shipping account will see the minimal benefit in signing up for this program. So may want to look elsewhere for better programs for small shippers. However, it is free to sign up for both the shipping account and rewards program, so there is no reason not to do it.

Any business that does a lot of shipping, especially low-value shipping, will see a lot of benefit from this program, especially if this is your home business where you’re the only employee. You can earn consumer-grade products by the number of shipments you make vs. the cost of your shipments. 

Overall it’s a good program if you make a lot of shipments and feel the prices UPS offer are on the same level as other companies such as FedEx or DHL. It’s also very beneficial that you’re working towards goals vs. earning points to use on things. For example, it is easier to make ten shipments than it is to accumulate 4000 points.

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