FedEx No Longer Offers Notary Service

Notary service or notary public is an important aspect of documentation and is used by persons and companies or businesses and the size of such company does not matter.

FedEx is an international company that offers delivery logistics but is majorly based in America. They are known for air delivery and other business services.

Does FedEx Have A Notary Service?

FedEx no longer offers public notary services due to a lawsuit caused by their negligence in notarization back in 2008. Consequently, FedEx has stopped offering notaries across all of its store locations.

Alternatively, you can get notarized at retail stores like Walgreens or CVS. Your local banks like Chase, Bank of America, or Wells Fargo also offer free notary services for their customers.

Why Does FedEx Not Offer Notary Services?

FedEx does not have a notary service since the legal case in December 2008 where an employee of FedEx who does the notary services notarized a document that has a forged signature.

In this case, FedEx was held liable for common law negligence and not the Notary Public Act claims.

This is a case where the lack of protocol was noticed as a document cannot be notarized without all the signatories present for notarization.

The plaintiff was the absentee in the notarization and even though the trial court found FedEx liable for Notary Public Act claims, the appeal court quashed the decision.

What Other Stores Can I Get Notarized?

UPS, with over 5000 locationsNo fixed amount but prices vary between states and countries and can be set per signature or document ranging from $10-$15
AAA club with locations in USA and CanadaIt is free in most states but in California, it is $10 per signature for members and $15 per signature for non-members
Notarize.comCan be downloaded as an app with notary payments of $25
Law Firms, Colleges and Universities, LibrariesThey are usually free but the states or countries set a standard amount

How Do I Get Notarized?

The very first step is recognizing what store or location has a notary service and when such store or establishment has been pinpointed, then, the type of notary should be noted.

Make sure the documents are complete before going before the notary; this means that every part of the document is filled except for the signature part.

Take a valid means of identification, confirming that the name on the ID matches the name on the document.

Every signatory must be present and willing to sign and must also know what they are paying for.

How Much Does a Notary Service Cost?

The cost of a notary service is dependent on so many factors which include; the size of the store or establishments, varying from state to state and country to country.

Some countries also give a maximum amount where such a notary price must not exceed such amount and this is seen in the US where the average price ranges from $10-$15.

How Can I Get Notarized Online?

There are various ways of getting notarized online especially in the US that have a notary service and a video chat with the notary agent as the signature is recorded.

Documents must be uploaded with additional signatories present; verification of identification is done with pictures of ID uploaded and after notarization, payment is received.

These are the top 4 online notary services as of 2024:

  1. Notarize is the first on the list with an app that is free to download
  2. NotaryCam can work with multiple signatories and can even schedule multiple signing sessions,
  3. Nexsys is known for notary service for real estate transactions
  4. OneNotary is the fastest way to get notarized.

Can You Get Notarized at FedEx?

Unfortunately, you cannot get notarized at FedEx as they stopped offering notary service since 2008. FedEx stopped offering notary service due to a lack of adequate inspection of signatures and signatories.

FedEx has failed at making sure every signatory is present and the document was not signed in the presence of the notary agent that resulted in a lawsuit.

As of 2024, no FedEx stores or locations offer notary services or allow a document to be notarized.