Does FedEx Do Money Orders?

People these days tend to go to get money orders when they want to send or receive any payment. This is because money orders are a safe and quick way of sending money to recipients all over the world.

In the United States of America, you can get money orders from many different places including Wal-Mart, USPS, a range of different stores and some banks and credit unions also offer them.

Aside from shipping and office services like printing, people wonder if FedEx offer services like notary public and money services like money orders.

Does FedEx Do Money Orders in 2024?

FedEx do not offer money orders or any types of money services as of 2024. By now offering any financial services, Fedex only have to worry about the rules and regulations laid out by the government that is related to the shipping industry.

If they enter the financial market, they will also have to follow other rules and regulations that come with that market and they will be liable for a lot of other things due to entering into a new industry.

They have never offered money orders before and they don’t plan on doing it in the future as well. They are highly committed and motivated to their own line of work in which they are highly successful.

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Why Don’t FedEx Do Money Orders?

Fedex is a very big company with a global setup that can only help them with their shipping business, and they do not want to get into financial services such as money orders and check cashing.

They might have the resources to develop a new setup to enter a new industry however it is just going to be an extra effort and with so many competitive sin the market, it can be difficult for them to maintain a business structure like that.

It would cost them a lot of money and time for implementing such a change in their business strategy. They would also have to hire an external company which would take care of all the instrumentality side of it.

They already have enough to focus on with shipping products as it is, so they do not want to bother themselves with any other thing as well.

Have FedEx Ever Offered Money Order Before? 

FedEx has not offered money orders before. And also, they are not planning to do it soon either. As mentioned earlier they are heavily focused on their shipping and courier business and plan to work on improving it instead of entering a new and complex financial market.

Not to mention the volatility of the market. As of now there seems to be no plans by the company to offer money orders however we never know what the future may hold for the company and its clients.

Does FedEx Do Money Transfer? 

FedEx doesn’t offer money transfer service as well. They mainly offer shipping and courier services. If you are looking for all the services that FedEx offers then you can visit their website and get a detailed overview of their service.

In addition to all this you might be wondering if you can send your money through FedEx’s shipping and courier services. Well it is no surprise that this is actually illegal.

You cannot send money through a shipping service neither domestically and nor internationally. If you ever try to do it then it can have legal consequences especially if you are sending money like this to an international receiver.

It can be taken as money laundering which is a serious offense. You can not only end up getting fined but depending on the amount of money, you may also have to face jail time.

Is There Any Money Order Alternatives at FedEx?

Currently, FedEx doesn’t have any money order alternative. However you can find money order services with some of FedEx’s alternatives.

If you are looking for one then you can visit USPS site and they will help you out with the process. It is just a simple process. USPS offers money orders for up to $1000.

What Other Places Offer Money Orders?

There are so many other places that offer money orders. You can find a detailed list of money order sellers online. MoneyGram, Western Union and USPS all offer money orders however the best alternative to FedEx is USPS and USPS does offer money orders.

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FedEx doesn’t do Money Orders because it’s not part of what they do as a company, but there are many companies that offer them as services. It is important to know what FedEx does, before you rely on them for your shipping needs.

When it comes to Money Orders, United States Postal Service is a great option! They provide a variety of services and a smooth expiree so you will not be disappointed.

Can I Buy Money Orders At FedEx?

You cannot buy money orders at FedEx as they only offer shipping and courier services. FedEx offers other services such as printing in addition to the shipping and courier services however selling money orders isn’t one of those services.

So FedEx does not do money orders and they do not offer any alternative to that as well. So if you are looking to get a money order made it is better to go to a bank or another institution who might be selling money orders.