Does Dollar Tree Do Cash Back?

In today’s digital age you might not always carry cash on you while you are out shopping or heading to an event.

Sometimes it’s inconvenient and can be quite costly trying to find an ATM but thankfully there are some stores that allow you to obtain “cash back” at a register.

While you are checking out you might see an option to add a specific amount of money to your bill which you will then immediately get back almost like change as cash from the register.

Many stores offer an option to obtain cash back and you might be wondering does Dollar Tree do cash back?

Does Dollar Tree Do Cash Back?

Dollar Tree offers you the convenience of obtaining cash back when you make a transaction. You can get up to $50 back with your purchase. You’ll be able to receive your cash in denominations of $10, $20, $40, and $50.

This is especially helpful if you are in a hurry as there isn’t a minimum purchase amount. So you are able to go into the store and quickly shop for as little as one item.

The Dollar Tree does charge a $1.00 service fee for obtaining cash back, you’ll have this service fee added to your total purchase at checkout.

This service fee is often times much lower than the surcharges you would receive at an atm. So if you need less than $50, going to a Dollar Tree might even help you save some money.

What is the Dollar Tree’s Cash Back Policy?

The Dollar Tree has a simple Cash Back Policy, like many other stores that offer cash back, they will allow you to obtain cash using a debit card but not a credit card or a check.

There is also a limit on how much cash you can receive and that is $50.

While there is a limit to how much cash you can receive back there is no minimum required purchase amount, so even buying one item will qualify you to request the cash at checkout.

One last thing to note with Dollar Tree’s cash back policy, is that they do charge a $1.00 service fee which is added to your purchase after agreeing to the terms at checkout in just a few simple steps.

Where Can You Get Cash Back in The Dollar Tree?

Instead of running to an atm at a nearby gas station, or grocery store you can get cash back when you are done shopping if you are in the Dollar Tree.

Convenience is key when you are trying to get cash back after you’re done shopping, you can simply head to the register, checkout, and before you complete your transaction select “Yes”.

What is the Best Way to Get Cash Back at the Dollar Tree?

The best way to get cash back at Dollar Tree is by using your debit card at checkout. After the cashier has scanned the item or items that you wish to purchase, you’ll be prompted to swipe your card, after swiping your debit card you’ll see a question on the screen

If you want to get cash back, select “yes”. Keep in mind that getting cash back will incur a $1.00 service fee which will be added to your total purchase.

Can You Get Cash Back at Dollar Tree with a Check?

Like many other mainstream retailers, you are not able to get cash back with a check at Dollar Tree. So make sure that you have a debit card. This will be the only way you can get cash back while checking out.

Can You Get Cash Back at Dollar Tree with a Credit Card?

If you are needing cash back while shopping at Dollar Tree, you’ll want to ensure that you have your debit card with you. You are not able to get cash with a credit card at Dollar Tree.

There may be advantages when it comes to shopping with a credit card, like having the ability to make payments on a balance over time, or even earn rewards, but you will not be able to receive cash with your purchase if you use a credit card at Dollar Tree.

Does Dollar Tree Still Allow Cash Back?

In addition to being one of the most economical stores in the world, Dollar Tree still allows you to obtain cash back.

Whether you are shopping for a whole order or you are just picking one item up with the purpose of getting cash back you’ll be able to use your debit card to receive up to a maximum of $50.

Always keep in mind that you cannot use a credit card or check, and that you will receive a $1.00 service fee surcharge that will be added to your total.