Does Dollar Tree Cash Checks? (Answered)

Customers want to be able to cash a check without being charged outstanding fees or waiting in long bank lines. Many customers look at smaller stores, like Dollar Tree, to see if they offer check cashing services.

Despite the store updating many of their policies, including now being able to offer cash back to customers, Dollar Tree does not cash checks in 2024.

While you can pay for your purchase at a Dollar Tree using a check as payment, most Dollar Tree locations do not have the equipment or the funds to cash a check, regardless of the amount.

Does Dollar Tree Cash Checks?

Dollar Tree currently does not offer check cashing services to its customers. You cannot cash any type of check at a Dollar Tree, no matter what type of check it is (i.e. payroll, third party, endorsement).

Though Dollar Tree does allow its customers to pay for purchases with a check, they do not offer cash back on purchases made via check either.

Without the funds in-store to cash checks, or the proper electronic processing systems needed, Dollar Tree does not cash checks.

Where Can You Get Checks Cashed?

Aside from your local bank or credit union, there are a few other places where you can cash a check, including Walmart.

Walmart, as well as other grocery chains such as Publix, Safeway and Krogers, offer check cashing services to customers.

There are also other financial service providers that cash checks and offer payday advances, like Amscot and ACE Cash Express.

There may be fees associated with cashing checks at these stores, as well as certain stipulations you must meet in order to cash your check.

It is best to contact each store to learn about their check cashing policies and any fees they charge for this service.

Why Doesn’t Dollar Tree Cash Checks?

Dollar Tree does not currently offer check cashing services, and it may be due to the limited cash flow in the stores –or perhaps their lack of the equipment required to cash a check.

Dollar Tree, like most small chain grocers, only allow their cashiers to have a certain amount of money in their drawers and in the store safe.

The monetary limitations, which are put in place for the safety of the cashiers and customers, along with not having any electronic system equipped to cash checks, is why Dollar Tree does not cash checks.

Many places that offer check cashing services are partnered with banks or other financial institutions in order to ensure that the funds are cleared before they process the cash return on the check and void it.

Did Dollar Tree Cash Checks Before?

Dollar Tree has never promoted or advertised check cashing services in their stores.

While Dollar Tree does accept checks as payment for purchases made and has updated their check payment system, the store has not ever cashed checks, regardless of the amount or type of check.

Dollar Tree does offer cash back on purchases made with a debit card, though you cannot pay with a check in order to get cash back either.

Will Dollar Tree Cash Checks in the Future?

There is no evidence which suggests that any Dollar Tree location will offer to cash checks in the near future, though their policies are always changing to keep up with current customer demands.

In recent years, Dollar Tree has begun to adopt new, electronic payment systems that allow their customers to have an easier time paying with a check in-store.

However, Dollar Tree has yet to offer check cashing systems to its customers.

Can I Cash a Check at Dollar Tree?

As it stands, you cannot currently cash a check at any Dollar Tree location, regardless of the amount of the check.

Whether it’s a payroll, third party or bank-issued check, Dollar Tree does not have the means to offer check cashing services to its customer base.

If you are looking to cash a check, you should cross Dollar Tree off of your list and consider other options.