Does Dollar General Do Money Orders In 2021?

Dollar General is a popular retail chain that has been in service for many years. Shopping at the store is convenient and allows consumers to save money.

Nowadays, many places are offering financial services such as cashing checks. Dollar General provides cashback but are you wondering if they do money orders? Well, here is what you need to know.

Does Dollar General Do Money Orders?

Dollar General does not offer money order services to customers at any of their locations. All store operatives have stated that the chain does not cash or sell money orders. To do this, you will have to use other alternative stores, banks, or Western Union.

The chain has about 17,000 locations in the US, and none of them does money orders. Instead, Dollar General offers other financial service options to customers.

To learn more about their money order policy, continue reading. It is essential for you to understand why Dollar General does not offer the service and what they provide.

Why Don’t Dollar General Do Money Orders?

The administration of Dollar General has not given an official statement as to why they don’t do money orders. However, it is primarily because of security issues. Many stores do not consider this reliable and can face problems because of customers.

Besides that, Dollar General is a retail store, so its primary focus is not on offering financial services. That is why they don’t sell or cash money orders as they don’t find it necessary.

Many stores used to do money orders but then stopped because of different reasons. Hence, it is also essential to know if Dollar General has ever done money orders.

Have Dollar General Ever Offered Money Order Before?

Dollar General has never offered money order service to customers in the past. They have always focused on expanding their stores and offering a hassle-free customer experience. That is why they never diverted their attention to selling or cashing money orders.

Till today, the retail chain is still opening more stores across the US. They haven’t offered a statement if they’ll ever provide money order services. However, this option seems unlikely because of many reasons.

Firstly, the security issues with money orders remain, and they are unreliable. Additionally, the store initiated an alternative money transfer option for customers two years ago.

Does Dollar General Do Money Transfer?

The retail store does offer money transfer options at about 15,400 locations in the US. These are spread across 44 states which is why you must call ahead before going there. Store associates can tell you on the phone if the branch is offering money transfer services or not.

Dollar General has collaborated with Western Union to allow online transfers. Firstly, you will have to start the process by using the WU app or the website

After the digital portion is done, you must go to a Dollar General store to pay the transfer fee and amount within 12 hours. For the exact figure, you will have to contact the branch.

Is There Any Money Order Alternatives At Dollar General?

Dollar General offers a Western Union money transfer service instead of an order. The primary difference between the two is that the transfer is done online, while a money order is a document payment option.

Besides money transfers, the store does not offer other options. That is because they are safer and reliable. If you want to purchase or cash a money order, you have to visit a different place.

What Other Places Offer Money Orders?

Many other places such as WinCo, Safeway, and much more sell money orders. Stores like Walmart cashes them too for customers. Besides that, you can visit a bank for money orders too.

Credit union places like Western Union also offer money orders to the people. Typically, you may want to visit a retail store as they charge a lower placement fee.

Can I Buy a Money Order at Dollar General?

Money orders are not available at Dollar General for purchase. The store does not cash them either due to security reasons. However, you can opt for the alternative Western Union money transfer option. This service has been available since 2019 at the majority of Dollar General locations.

Money transfers through the retail chain are safe and require a minimal fee. If you don’t have a bank account, you will have to rely on a money order. You can purchase this from other grocery stores, banks, credit unions, postal offices, and much more.