Does Dollar General Do Cash Back? (Answered)

By making cashback service available at the register, the retailer can improve the shopping experience of their consumers.

By offering this service, Dollar General can improve the customer experience as well as bring in new customers.

Does Dollar General Do Cash Back?

Dollar General offers cashback for specific credit cards and debit cards. The specific credit cards you can use to get cashback are Discover cards with a “cash over” policy and credit cards with a cash advance option.

If you aren’t sure if your credit card has a cash advance policy, definitely check with the company before you head to Dollar General.

Dollar General offers up to 40$ cashback at all of their locations. The minimum purchase for this service is 5$. You will have to pay a service fee of 1-2$ per cashback withdrawal.

If you’re looking to get more than 40$ cashback, you’re going to have to make more than one transaction.

What is Dollar General’s Cash Back Policy?

The policy for cashback at Dollar General requires a minimum purchase of 5$. For a fee of 1-2$, the consumer can withdraw a maximum amount of 40$ cashback. They also offer cashback increments of 10$, 20$, and 30$.

If you’re trying to get more cash than 40$, it’s going to require purchasing more items with separate transactions. Keep in mind, your card provider may have imposed limitations on daily sending and withdrawals. 

Where Can You Get Cash Back in Dollar General?

You can get cashback at any of the open registers in Dollar General. If you need more than the 40$ maximum limit, you might have to make more than one transaction at the registers to get cashback.

You can also be helped with cashback at the money center or the customer service desk in the store. The same rules will still apply when getting cashback from these locations.

How Do Y0u Get Cash Back at Dollar General?

In order to get cashback at Dollar General, you must use a debit card or a Discover card with a “cash over” option. Dollar General has a 5$ minimum purchase for cashback as well as a 1-2$ fee.

Bring your purchases with you to the register (or the money center if your location has one) and the cashier will prompt you to follow the instructions on the pin pad.

Dollar General will offer you 10$ increments starting at 10$ and maxing out at 40$.

What is the Best Way You To Get Cash Back at Dollar General?

The best way to get cashback at Dollar General is by using a debit card at the registers.

Dollar General doesn’t allow you to get cash back with a credit card unless you have a Discover card with a “cash over” plan or a credit card with a cash advance policy.

In order to qualify for cashback, your purchase has to be at least 5$.

Can You Get Cash Back at Dollar General With a Check?

Dollar General does not offer a cashback service when paying with a check. Dollar General would need a check-cashing facility on-site to provide this service.

Fortunately, Dollar General does offer cashback with debit cards and also specific credit cards.

Can You Get Cash Back at Dollar General With a Credit Card?

You can only get cashback by using a Discover credit card with a “cash over” program. While Dollar General also accepts Visa and MasterCard, only Discover offers a traditional cashback option.

Certain credit cards have a cash advance policy. It is recommended that you verify your credit card status before trying to get a cash advance. For all other credit cards, you cannot get cashback with a credit card purchase.

Does Dollar General Still Allow Cash Back?

While cash is getting less use, Dollar General still offers a cashback service for their customers. The convenience of being able to get cash at the store saves their consumers time and brings in customers that want to skip a trip to the ATM.

They offer up to 40$ cashback. If you want more than that, you’re going to have to use multiple transactions.

Your credit card company can offer a cash advance service that you can also use at Dollar General. Dollar General does charge a 1-2$ fee for cashback.

However, most retail competitors offer this service for free. Most people don’t mind paying a dollar to make their day a little easier.