Does Disney Have A Rewards Program

As a successful business strategy, loyalty programs are designed to encourage repeat visits of customers by offering personalized benefits for them.

The Walt Disney Company is an American multinational corporation popular for family entertainment and media enterprise. 

Are you curious to know whether Disney offers any rewards incentives for individuals? 

Read on to learn more about it.

Does Disney Have A Rewards Program?

Disney launched their rewards program Disney Movie Insiders in September 2019. Anyone can join and receive 25 points for signing up. You can earn 100 points per eligible movie ticket that can be exchanged for free movies and also get a lot of perks and experiences.

If you are a new fan of Disney Insider, you need to create an account by signing up and providing your valid details on or the Disney Movie Insiders app

After the registration, you will be automatically enrolled as a Movie Insider fan. The existing members can log in to their account with their email ID on the website or app.

The new fans get 25 bonus points for signing up and linking their account to participating partners like Fandango VIP, Regal Crown Club, and Atom Rewards.

How Does Disney Movie Insider Work?

After creating an account in Movie Insider, you will be placed on an email list from where you will get an electronic newsletter. It contains a code in it that needs to be used to earn points. You can earn 100 points for standard movie tickets and 150 points for premium movie tickets.

The premium format includes IMAX, Dolby Cinema at AMC, Regal RPX, Regal 4DX, Regal ScreenX.

The favorite eligible movies can be purchased on Blu-ray, UHD or DVD, or digital movies. The account can be linked to participating partners like Fandango. 

You can collect up to 2500 points per month from uploading your eligible movie tickets.

To upload the ticket through the app,

  • Open Disney Movie Insider app.
  • Sign in to your account and click on the square at the bottom right corner.
  • Click “Scan or Upload Ticket”.
  • Follow the instructions.
  • Points will be added to your account after approval.

To upload the ticket through the website,

  • Open Disney Movie Insider website.
  • Sign in to your account and click “Upload Tickets”.
  • Click “Upload Image”.
  • Add the ticket image.
  • Points will be added to your account after approval.

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What Are the Perks Of the Disney Movie Insider Program?

As an Insider, the fans can not only earn points on purchasing movies, but you can also earn bonus rewards and codes. Code entry is the easiest way to earn points. Points will be rewarded for each code per physical product purchase.

  • Anyone above 18 years can join the program.
  • Bonus 25 points for downloading the Movie Insider app.
  • 25 points for account linking the first time to Movies Anywhere.
  • Earn 100 points for the standard format movie tickets.
  • Earn 150 points for the premium format movie tickets.
  • Movie ticket vouchers and Concessions.
  • Gift Cards.
  • Collectibles and fan favorites.
  • Partner discount perks.
  • Earn up to 2500 points per month.
  • Zero-point rewards.
  • Purchase 5 movies for $1 and earn 500 points on Disney Movie Club.
  • Wednesday Movie Deal.

What Can I Get With Disney Movie Insider Points?

The points can be used to get everything from gift cards to movies. A given code entry will earn points and extra 5 physical movie codes. You can enter the code on the “Enter Your Code” section of your account.

Here are some examples:

Turning Red150
Frozen 2200
Star War200
Death On The Nile300
West Side Story300

Movie Insider members can earn extra 500 points on Movie Club and get 5 movies for $1. This is a limited-time offer. For Disney Plus Subscription, members get 500 bonus points.

The Movie insider Codes and their corresponding points are mentioned below.


A birthday reward of 25 points is offered for Disney Movie Insider members. Additionally, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving rewards are available every year on Disney.

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How Much Does Disney Movie Insider Program Point Worth?

Disney Movie Insider points are worth enough to get free movie rewards and gift cards. Additionally, you can enjoy limited-time deals and offers by redeeming the earned points. For example, The monthly newsletter and banners can get you 4 to 20 extra bonus points.

Iron Man Key Chain400
Holiday Collectible Key600
Marvel Studio Black Widow Emoji Pin Set 850
Boba Fett Poster800
Eternals Poster900
The Disney Princess Cookbook 900
Disney Minnie Mouse Plush1000
Marvel Expansion Game1000
Frozen 2 Member Exclusive Backpack6075
Incredible 2 Member Exclusive Library Tote4200
Mandalorian Crossbody Bag3250
Women Of Wakanda By Nicolas Smith Signed And Framed 20,000

The Zero reward items are offered for members.

  • Look After One Another Marvel Studio’s Black Panther digital wallpaper.
  • 12 days of Princess holiday Ornament Printable Activity.
  • Holiday Greetings.
  • Eternals Digita Key.

The redeemed physical rewards will arrive within 2 to 4 weeks after redemption and the digital rewards will be delivered immediately to the member account. If you did not receive the reward after 8 weeks, you can contact Disney customer service.

How Can I Redeem Disney Movie Insider Program Points?

The enrolled members can redeem points for products and offer listed in the “Rewards” section and redeem them by clicking “Redeem” on the corresponding item. The members get a confirmation email that contains redeemed items in the form of a digital code or coupon. 

The current point balance can be seen on the home page of your Disney Movie Insider account and the points will expire after 365 days if it is not used for eligible purchases. 

Is Disney Movie Insider Program Worth It?

Disney Movie Insider Program is worth joining for movie fans as they can start earning points from the sign-up itself. They can benefit from a lot of rewards like free movies, products, and exclusive offers from the membership program. 

The code entry and subscriptions also help to earn points faster. However, only one reward can be used at a time and the points cannot be combined or transformed to other members’ accounts.