CVS Using Apple Pay at CVS

With the advent of mobile technology, many retailers and other stores are accepting contactless payment methods. These include Apple Pay, Google Pay, and many others.

According to research, 6/10 U.S merchants are accepting contactless payments. The number will keep increasing in the coming years.

If you are looking to use Apple Pay at CVS, you are in the right place. Here is what you must know about it.

Does CVS Take Apple Pay?

CVS takes Apple Pay to offer a contactless payment method for its stores. The payment method is available in over 8,000 locations of CVS. Apple Pay is for CVS in-store only and you can’t opt for Apple Pay for payments at the CVS App and the CVS online pharmacy.

You can buy everything the store offers with Apple Pay at CVS. Once you gather everything you have bought, you can go to the checkout counter and make the payment within seconds. The staff at the checkout register will guide you on what you have to do.

You can buy beauty products, prescription drugs, cosmetics, convenience foods, and much more using Apple Pay. Be sure to ask the staff if there is something you can’t purchase with Apple Pay, as they will guide you better.

You might also be able to combine Apple Pay with other payment methods at CVS. It will help you make payments in no time.

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How to Use Apple Pay At CVS

To Shop at CVS using Apple, pay, you can set up Apple Pay on your Apple Watch or iPhone, and add your debit or credit card to the account of Apple Pay. Once you are at CVS, you must get your things and go to the checkout counter.

You must bring your phone close to the NFC reader at the checkout counter. After that, you can select Apple Pay as the payment method to scan your details.

You will have to use Face ID or Touch ID to confirm authorization for your Apple Pay. When the authorization happens, there will be confirmation of your transaction quickly.

You can buy many things at CVS using Apple Pay. It is crucial to understand this before you go to the retail store.

Apple Pay is For CVS In Store Only

CVS does not accept Apple Pay for its online orders. That is because they don’t have the technology available yet to offer online Apple Pay payments. Instead, you can use other payment methods for your online orders.

These include Mastercard, Discover, Visa, American Express, and many others. When you opt for online orders, you can use these methods on the CVS App.

The CVS App also accepts gift cards you can use. However, CVS allows its customers to purchase eGift cards through the Apple Pay method.

If you don’t have Apple Pay, you can use other contactless payment methods at CVS to make your life easier.

You Can’t Combine Apple Pay With Another Payment

Unfortunately, you can’t combine Apple Pay with another payment method at CVS. On the other hand, you can connect other cards with Apple Pay to ensure you have sufficient funds for payments. Doing this will guarantee that you can easily make any transaction.

So, before you make payments, you can connect any of your other credit or debit cards with Apple Pay. Once you do, you can pay for your purchases quickly.

If you don’t have enough funds in your Apple Pay, you can use another payment method or place your order online.

Apple Pay Alternatives at CVS

CVS accepts contactless payment methods such as credit and debit cards. These include PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, etc. You can use any of these in place of Apple Pay.

It will allow you to make payments in no time. CVS also accepts these payment methods except Apple Pay for online orders.

So, begin shopping at CVS and use these payment methods to make purchases quickly. Be sure to go to your nearest CVS today to make purchases and opt for these contactless payment methods.